Turkish Altay tank moves forward

Turkish Altay tank moves forward
Installation for fire testing of main battle tank (MBT) Altay from the company Otokar was first shown at IDEF 2013 in Istanbul, while the mobile test facility at this time undergoing sea tests. Altay is developed under a contract issued in July 2008, the Secretariat of Defense Industry (SSM) of the Turkish Ministry of Defense to comply with the requirements of the Turkish army, reports Jane’s.
Mobile test installation was more than 3600 km, in turn setting for fire testing took place more than 3000 km, then began its static-fire tests of 120 mm smoothbore gun L/55 without crew.
In the next 18 months, this setting will expand its program from the test, starting with the firing with space for stationary targets, then the move to stationary targets and, in the end, it’s all over shooting at moving targets move around on rough terrain.
During these tests will be evaluated and NIGHT MODE funny day work in a variety of external criteria plus two types of ammunition: armor-fledged Subcaliber and versatile anti-cumulative.
In the long term it is expected that the tank will be able to Altay shoot missiles with laser guidance that will allow destroy targets at great distances. It also installed a life support system, including a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction.
Right behind the two test rigs at the end of 2013 will be made pre-production layout Altay Prototype Vehicle 1 (PVl) in the first half of 2014 the second layout PV2; perceive both official role in proficiency testing.
Otokar company has commissioned its own tank test center in Sakarya, which includes test cell electric comparability tank polygon and climate chamber complete with a dynamometer.
Step I of the contract provides for the design, development, testing and qualification of the duration of 78.5 months with 3 substeps and according to the company Otokar programm progressing in accordance with its initial schedule.
Substage I foresaw «conceptual design»; substage II «detailed design» and was completed in May 2013 and finish substage III anticipates «layout and design skills.»
It is expected that full qualification MBT Altay bude completed by the end of 2015. As part of Step II provides that the Turkish army will elect the first batch of 250 serial MBT Altay.
Based on the fact that between the Step I and Step II is no time period and contracts for products with a long production, as for example weapons, MSA and power units from MTU, given time, the first serial Altay MBT can be made at the end of 2016 year.
For more than 20 years will be the first Altay MBT, NATO made from «scratch».

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