U.S. authorities admit Predator strikes on Americans

U.S. authorities admit Predator strikes on Americans

If they are suspected of links to terrorism
Attempts drone located abroad to U.S. citizens are allowed in this case, if they are high-ranking members of the «al-Qaeda» or allied organizations. This is stated in a memo U.S. Department of Justice promulgated broadcaster NBC News.

According to released now South American broadcaster NBC News secret memorandum U.S. Department of Justice, located on the Predator strikes abroad to U.S. citizens are allowed in this case, if they are high-ranking members of the «al-Qaeda» or allied organizations. Such acts are legitimate, if the suspect in the South American citizen terrorism is «imminent danger United States,» his capture is not feasible without undue risk to the U.S. military, and the operation to its liquidation will be carried out in accordance with applicable international laws of war.

For the decision to hold similar operations need evidence that the suspect is involved in komplote against the U.S.. Needless decision should be «South American senior officer.» The document emphasizes the need to take into account the fact that «the U.S. government can not be aware of all planned» Al-Qaeda «attacks and must conduct operations to prevent them with the greatest probability of success and the least loss of the Americans.»

According to the document, such acts do not violate the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits arbitrary searches and arrests, also requested that arrest warrants had been authorized by the base and the tribunal.

The document caused a wave of criticism from human rights organizations and civilian activists who believe that the elimination of the U.S. people using drones is extrajudicial execution, not on the battlefield and with no specific threat from the suspect. In the document, but says that «in the face represents the» Al Qaeda «threat need a broader awareness of the concept of a specific danger to U.S. security.»

In connection with the leak of the document representative of the Ministry of Justice of the White House Jay Carney had to defend the policy of the U.S. government against drone attacks. According to him, «these attacks are legitimate, ethical and wise. The U.S. government takes positive steps to ensure accuracy in the pursuit of terrorists and avoid the death of an innocent man. «

Document leak occurred just before the South American Senate hearing, during which parliamentarians should see the candidacy of John Brennan, Barack Obama nominated to head the CIA. Earlier sovereign Brennan was a major adviser to President Obama’s counter-terrorism issues, and namely the implementation of programs from drone strikes. The program for the first time has been criticized in September 2011, with the result that the drone strike in Yemen was killed by Islamic preacher of South American origin, Anwar al-Awlaki, after the death of Osama bin Laden, the United States declared a terrorist number one. Together with him was eliminated editor of the English magazine «Al-Qaeda» Inspire, Samir Khan. Neither one of them at the time was not charged with committing any crimes.

Natalia Barkhatova

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