U.S. Defense dismisses hundreds more generals and admirals

U.S. Defense dismiss more than a hundred generals and admirals

U.S. Department of Defense by the end of 2014 is to reduce post 103 generals and admirals. This is with reference to the Pentagon and the Senate of the U.S. Congress said on Wednesday the local media. The main cause of future layoffs — financial. In the coming 10 years as part of efforts to reduce the country's budget shortage Pentagon will have to reduce their costs of 350 billion dollars.

According to experts, reducing the number of posts senior officers, the maintenance of which the Ministry of Defence spends significant funds will allow the U.S. Army to become more economical and with all this, do not lose in combat capability.

"Since the end of" cool war "of the armed forces of the country declined by 30 percent, while the number of generals and admirals — only 15 percent — said Ben Freeman which among other government professionals previously submitted to the Senate of the U.S. Congress a report on the future funding of the Ministry of Defence. — At the moment, under the command senior officers is an average of 500 men less than 1991. "

Most of the generals will be axed from the U.S. Air Force — 39. Ground forces will cut 31 position, Navy — 25, and the Marine Corps — 5. A few more positions senior officers will be transferred to a civilian spice. Earlier last Pentagon chief Robert Gates has said that Barack Obama's proposed long-term reduction of the military budget will reduce the size of the armed forces of the United States. He admitted that at the moment there is no need to fund his department "at levels comparable with those which existed during the "cool war".

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