U.S. Navy received the first REAL F-35C

U.S. Navy received the first REAL F-35C
June 23 U.S. Navy received the first operational carrier-based fighter F-35C (b / n CF-6), adapted for landing on an aircraft carrier, reports utsandiego.com. Fighter took off from Eglin Air Force Base (Florida) and arrived at aviastantsii Navy Patuxent River (Maryland).
Aircraft was arranged celebratory meeting, taking into account the importance of this moment for the Navy. Arrival based fighter in combat configuration was another milestone in the development of programs from the F-35, which is suffering from delays and cost overruns. Navy pilots are now able to fly a real plane, spent months training on the simulator. Previously, there were four times this model aircraft flown by test pilots. On aviastantsii using simulator prepared four pilots, four more are undergoing training.
At the end of this summer will begin flying on a plane, as will be organized maintenance technicians combat vehicle. Carrier landing delayed until early 2015 the fiscal year. Training Squadron receive 15 aircraft F-35C (four to six cars per year). First drill squadron will be formed to about August 2016. Not yet announced where the squadron will be based — in Central-Whaley (CA) or El Centro (115 miles from San Diego on the Mexican border).
Navy Lieutenant Commander Christopher Tabert (Christopher Tabert), piloted aircraft, said that retraining on the F-35C is simple, although the handle control plane (RUS) is away from the pilot, and not in the center, both the F/A-18. «All necessary situational information pilot receives means display the helmet system. This allows you to take frisky decisions for you is not necessary, as a F/A-18, look down at the dashboard, «says the pilot.

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