U.S. scientists have found a gene that is responsible for the exact time of death

November 19, 2012 21:46

The molecule responsible for the time when there will be life-threatening processes in the body

With the opening of the doctors hope to predict exactly when a patient urgently needs rescue.

Death of a person is under the plan. This is the conclusion reached by scientists of Neurology at the Medical Center of the House of Israel in Boston. According to Daily Mail, the scientists found a special function of the molecule, located near a gene called "Period 1". She is responsible for the human biological clock. Depending on the combination of guanine and adenine in the molecule, the doctors figured the most dangerous period of the day for seriously ill patients. For example, people who have the molecule consists of two bases adenine, die before 11 am. Patients with both bases in the molecule is likely to die in the afternoon, and those who have it only consists of guanine — after 18 pm.

"Biological clock regulate not only a dream, but a lot of other processes in the body. In particular, they regulate the time of the most dangerous medical processes, such as, for example, heart attacks or seizures "- explains Dr. Andrew Lim of the Medical Center House of Israel. According to him, the discovery will allow doctors to schedule hours for critical patients. This will allow time to see the danger and start saving lives.

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