UAE Armed Forces began receiving 122 mm multiple rocket launchers MCL

UAE Armed Forces began receiving 122 mm multiple rocket launchers MCL
UAE Armed Forces received an undisclosed amount of 122-mm multiple rocket launchers MCL (Multiple Cradle Launchers), made by state-owned company «Dzhobariya’s Defense Systems.» Two of them were first showcased at IDEX-2013.

MCL — is one of those weapons systems being developed in the United Arab Emirates with the participation zabugornyh contractors. End assembly plants held in the UAE.

Newcomer MLRS is developed by «Oshkosh’s Defense» grave HET tractor wheel formula 6×6, towing a 10-wheel trailer with artillery units, consisting of four turntables, each of which has three removable package guides (20 unguided 107/122-mm Each RS). So Makar, MLRS volley able to fulfill 240 ammunition. HET armed armored cab, air conditioning and central tire inflation system.

In February 2011, «Al Jaber Group» (Abu Dhabi) and «Oshkosh’s Defense» signed an agreement for the supply of the UAE Armed Forces to the beginning of 2012 tractors languid «Global HET» (Global Heavy Equipment Transporter). New «Global HET» — highly lorry wheel formula 6×6, capable of transporting a payload of 70 tonnes curb engine «Caterpillar» C18 700 hp and a box of «Ellison» 4800SP, car capable of transporting large equipment over long distances.

MRLS for durability when it is armed with 10 shooting stabilizers. Auxiliary Power Unit provides guidance at the idle engine HET. Calculation of Position — 3 persons.

Digital fire control system and a combined GPS / inertial system will improve the accuracy and randomly choose one of 3 containers to run. After performing the launch system is rapidly changing position after it made with the same chassis and loading freight cars, curb crane promptly loaded the new containers with ammunition.

The system demonstrated at the IDEX-2013, uses 122-mm rocket ammunition TR-122 of the Turkish company «Roketsan», which is in service the UAE Armed Forces for the past couple of years.

Standard TR-122 resettled warhead with a contact fuze. Warhead munition TRB-122 contains 5500 iron balls and armed with a remote detonator. Range is from 16 to 40 km.

Also 122mm ammunition, capable of producing MLRS launch 300mm rockets T-300 (with the introduction of transport-launch containers with 4 ammo). This shell can be fitted with a system line adjustment movement.

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