UFO crash in Africa

21 years ago in South Africa, after a UFO crash, have been found alive alien pilots. In the laboratory, the aliens were monitored as much as 700 hours. There is information that was given to one of the engineers of NASA that there is even a half-hour film about the scientific observation.

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The chronology of events is as follows: in 1989, more precisely on May 7 at 13 pm GMT in the Navy on the radio in Cape Town, it was reported an unidentified flying object, which is directed towards the African continent. With the air force base "Valhalla" up urgently in the air two fighters. Command ordered to open fire on UFOs. The shooting started, after which the pilot reported that he had seen from the object several dazzling flashes UFO began to wobble, but kept moving, gradually losing altitude and making the turn, fell in the Kalahari Desert.

At the crash site UFO intelligence officers arrived and found a huge crater, which lay at the bottom of discoid object. Rock and sand around which were fused due to the heat.

Because of the intense electromagnetic fields in all cars of engine failure has occurred, and flew rescue helicopter is over the object, crashed down, resulting in the death of 5-man crew.

Despite the blow, the object was not badly damaged. On the same day he was moved to a secret base in the South African Air Force, where he was indoors carefully examined. In the back of the disc, during the inspection, there was a deafening sound and opened the hatch of which there were two alien. Last alien supposedly died in 1989.

Now we can only wait for the appearance of the film on a massive show. In our time, still pretty hard to hide secrets. Then, the U.S. military will certainly asked questions on the subject, to which they will answer, of course, very difficult.

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