UFO: History or Myth

It is hard to imagine that UFOs exist, if they themselves have never seen it. Despite the denial of the existence of unidentified flying objects, people still believe that there are other civilizations arriving to us on earth.

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The earliest image, resembling a spaceship cylindrical shape was carved at the foot of the granite rocks in Hunan Province, China.

Historians give them about 47,000 years, the period falls in the age of the Neanderthals. Modern Homo sapiens emerged much later. And then the question arises whether these aliens have helped Neanderthals help progress to more advanced forms.

The first reports appeared in ancient Egypt. Papyrus documents tell about unidentified flying objects. An excerpt from the annals of Thutmose III during his rule from 1450 — 1504gg. BC: "At six o'clock in the year of the third month of winter, the scribes saw the House of Life circle of fire, which went into the sky.

It was the odor even though he was not a head. A few days later by the pharaoh and his army saw a fireball in the sky and told to write what he saw in the Book of Life. This papyrus is preserved to the present day, and the story described in the book "Heavenly people," he Brinsley Le Pere. As far as this story is real, it is difficult to say, but there are facts and research is being conducted.

In 1989, on the radio to the headquarters of the Navy received a message about an unidentified flying object that was heading to the African continent. With the air force base "Valhalla" climbed two fighters in the air. One of the pilots reported that he could not identify the unidentified flying object, and open fire on him.

Nowadays there are a lot of different evidence about UFOs, but a lie, and where the truth is hard to say. U.S. President Jimmy Carter also met in 1969 in Leary with an unidentified flying object. He wrote a report about it and gave a NICAP, his promise to declassify documents about UFOs, and have remained a promise.

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