UFO in the Soviet waters

"UFO", St. Petersburg, n39 (356), 20.09.2004, p.3

Author: Catherine Vorontsov
In 1950, the Black Sea Fleet command cruiser watched the mysterious egg-shaped object rising from the surface of the Black Sea. He flew silently, leaving no water or waves or ripples.

There are reports of submariners, fixed appliances "strange submarine" that were much faster than any known at the time of the court. Military sonar heard strange objects moving in the water at incredible depths with great speed.
In August 1965, the crew of the ship "Rainbow" in the Red Sea observed an unusual phenomenon. At a distance of about two kilometers from the ship grew a giant column of water. From it came a fiery sphere and hung above the sea surface. Scope was about 60 meters in diameter and hovered at an altitude of 150 meters.
In the Mediterranean Sea from the Soviet warship in June 1984 saw an unidentified object. The strange thing was in the form of the circle, was no more than 20 meters in diameter and consisted of two discs, slowly rotating in opposite directions. Discs burned unnatural pink light. The team tried to attract the attention of the object with the help of signal lights. But attention was diverted UFO Arab freighter heading towards the shores of Greece. The team of Arab ship confirmed that an unidentified object while hovering over their ship, then suddenly at high speed went up and out of sight.
In his lectures, ufologist V.Azhazha, a former submariner, referring to a document that he had seen in the Main Information Staff of the Navy, for the case of our nuclear submarine, which was on a combat patrol in the Pacific. About this boat appeared six unknown underwater object, and when the boat began to carry out a variety of maneuvers in a submerged position, objects like repeating these exercises, staying in relation to her former range.
The commander of the boat had to command the ascent, although it is forbidden instruction. And when the submarine surfaced, all six sites consistently flew out of the water and disappeared.
Recorded as cases where unknown objects flying through the air, in front of witnesses fell into the water and immediately flew out of it.
According V.Azhazhi, in the 70 years he has seen the official report intelligence chief Pacific Fleet Admiral Domyslovskogo, in which he reported on the observation of our seamen in remote areas of the Pacific Ocean cylindrical object of unknown length of 800-900 m, hangs over the water. From one end of the "cylinder" flying small objects and fell into the water, and after some time returned to the big UFO.
Characteristically, the lowering of unknown objects in the water and fly out of it were observed not only in the seas and oceans, but also in inland waters.

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