Ukrainian version of the AK in the «Bullpup» — automatic Boar

Ukrainian version of the AK in the

As you know, after the collapse of the Russian Union of any of the states, which was previously part of the 1st majestic whole, based its independence all probable and impractical methods and, of course, without the creation of their own types of hand firearms not done, because the ability to provide their own military weapon — the best proof that the country is to be independent. Intensively based its independence so makarom Ukraine, as it turns out, there are quite a few people with unique thoughts regarding firearms, and many research centers are able and willing to engage in similar developments. Will not result in this article as an example really unique ideas, such as, for example, a sniper rifle chambered ASKOR with swept bullet and get acquainted with the more mundane view gun — gun boar.

Created this standard machine in 2003, with the walls created in places with quite fascinating title, namely the Scientific and Technical Center of the State Engineering clear Space Agency of Ukraine. Hard to imagine that only what it did for the automatic, both at the time of creation joked, created an instrument for combat in space, but in fact the standard was released quite humorous. Many people associate this with the famous Russian Machine Killer, and almost everything is mapping correctly. As well as thunderstorms, automatic Boar created based AK74, exactly as thunderstorms, automatic assembly made in bullpup, but the cartridges are not 9h39 and 7,62 x39 and 5,45 x39, so that even though the comparison is true and , but the properties of different guns. The main feature of guns is that managed to maintain the highest compatibility of parts and assemblies with similar from a Kalashnikov. It is absolutely important, provided that the AK from sovetstkih Union remains an unlimited number of warehouses, well and make repairs at one hundred percent compatible tools much easier when any spring is studied far and wide and is available in supplies. Weight machine equals 3.45 kilograms excluding cartridges, length is only 702 mm, with a standard barrel length 415 mm, respectively, the initial velocity of a bullet fired from this barrel equals about 900 meters per second. Former rate of 600 rounds left for a moment that comfortable for those who are accustomed to AK. Shops absolutely compatible with the AK74, with a capacity of 30 rounds.

As a result of what he 5,45 x39 does not greatest impetus with the shooting and assembling guns bullpup, managed to achieve growth accuracy of automatic fire, the automaton itself became more manageable and everything would be fine if it were not for a few «but» that is almost always are at the gun assembly Bullpup. Due to the latest build tools shifted his balance, making retention unusual for a shooter. Release of spent cartridges, even when using the right hand as the main, is very close to the face hands, respectively powder gases can cause irritation, which is absolutely not the most pleasant thing. Quite unusual change in store weapons, aiming line decreased own length that bad impact on accuracy, in general, your distance sights machine work perfectly. In general, and in general, the only severe drawback of this gun can only be considered release of spent cartridges close to the face hands, the rest is a matter of habit.

Ukrainian version of the AK in the
Also build configuration tools and parts touched control machine. Directly in the eye throws that in the usual place no handle is released. Delivers it far ahead of the gun barrel, can be rearranged on the right side to the left, and most importantly, it is motionless when shooting. Switch fuse is a cross-engine located above the trigger, which positively affected the speed of bringing guns to combat readiness and silence when switching.

Much more a matter of principle in the weapon was that the handguard, and other controls do not apply to the trunk, in other words actually trunk itself could be called svobodnovyveshennym, if not the removal of powder gases. This solution has played a great role in improving the accuracy of the gun. Separately noted that due to the fact that the trunk is actually one hundred percent closed plastic elements that excludes its uneven cooling, although in my opinion this problem is inherent in faster machine guns, machine if, in general, if not sorry guns are countless rounds … Despite the fact that virtually all of the elements iron guns, it expelled a long contract with a metal arrow. This is achieved by means of a plastic overlay on top of the receiver box, which is a focus for cheeks arrow, as well as the back plate on the butt, which, thanks to its own quite a large area and helps to lower the already not the greatest impact when shooting.

First machines were equipped with iron sights taken from AK, but because the aiming line decreased due to the build configuration tools and precision tools in general grew, it was decided to change the diopter rear sight on. As well as the front sight is mounted on the highest rack and rear sights, the post itself has the ability to take shape. Besides the standard sights, you can install a wide range of optical sights, night sights, collimator sights, including developed specifically for this machine.

Initially, the gun was made in view of the established grenade launcher, in other words, you can not just read about the machine, but the shooting-grenade launcher. Unfortunately, the GP-25 grenade launcher with a gun in such an assembly was incompatible, so I had to create its modification, especially for machine Boar. With an installed grenade gun goes more stable when firing, his balance back becomes more common, although all this increases the weight of the machine. Fascinating point is that during a grenade fuse machine plays the role of a fuse and a grenade launcher that is completely appropriate. In addition, immediately push triggers automatic grenade launcher and can not.

So Makarov, it appears that automatic Boar represents another variation of the Kalashnikov assault rifle in bullpup assembly. Naturally, many deny this, but even with the naked eye, without disassembling the gun, seen relatives 2-samples. Automatic gain received in the accuracy and accuracy of fire, reduced its size. Naturally, the assembly brought it Bullpup their negative characteristics into a weapon, but they are completely tolerant. Many say that the machine has the fewest Boar details in relation to the AK that, unfortunately, there is no ability to reliably check. Now machine is used by the Army of Ukraine together with the Kalashnikov, it’s just to hold a weapon in the hands give far not everywhere, but only where needed small size at full usefulness of the machine. The rest is accounted enjoy Kalashnikovs, anyway, and ready to take the warehouse is much cheaper than making machine anew.

Ukrainian version of the AK in the

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