Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant will stop dumping sewage into Sviyaga and Herring

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, a subsidiary of the holding "Sollers", has invested 114 million rubles in reconstruction of storm sewer networks, allowing full stop dumping into rivers untreated stormwater and snowmelt runoff from the plant, said Thursday at the plant.

"The main purpose of the project is to eliminate the negative impact of untreated storm water to surface water, that is, the complete cessation of discharge storm water and melt water into rivers and Sviyaga Herring and sending them to their own treatment plant through a specially created sewer system," — said in a statement.

According to the company, the project is of great importance for the environment, since the area of the plant is 230 acres, and it is important to melt and rain water trapped in the industrial zone is cleared. After cleaning the water will be used for the needs of the plant or to descend into the river.

Phased implementation of an environmental project included the reconstruction of storm sewer networks in the north-eastern part of the plant, the construction of the drive-sump needed for a stable operation of the factory treatment plant with abundant rainfall. The next step was the construction of sewage pumping station SNS-164, required for pumping waste water treatment plant to the factory. In the final stage in the south-western part of the plant was also reconstructed stormwater networks and built a similar pumping station, which is fully operational with the start of heavy snow melt. Now there are start-up operations.

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