United States: Death Star in the orbit of Saturn




Space probe Cassini returned images of another moon of Saturn. this time in the lens of the camera unit got satellite Mimas, whose surface is covered with numerous craters. NASA published photograph was taken from a distance — 1.7 million km. For this reason, the photo clearly shows only the largest crater — Herschel, got its name in honor of the discoverer of Mimas English astronomer William Herschel.

The crater is about 130 km in diameter and about 10 km in depth, and has a significant place on the surface of a relatively small satellite (average diameter of Mimas is 398 kilometers). The location and size of the crater are such that the photographs Mimas resembles the combat space station "Death Star" from the movie "Star Wars." Several earlier Cassini photographed the other open Herschel satellite Enceladus. It is notable that is covered with a thick layer of frozen water and reflects 90% of incident sunlight. The average diameter of Enceladus is 499 km, and its image can be seen on the next page. And before Cassini transmitted to Earth a number of pictures of Saturn's moons Titan and Iapetus.

Battery News, 28.07.2004 11:28
Source: Kompyulenta

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