Universe accelerates the neutrino mass




Two of the biggest discoveries in the field of physics of the last decade — is the detection of neutrinos and the establishment of the fact that the universe is expanding, with increasing speed. Three physics from the University of Washington suggested that these two phenomena are related to each other through one of the strangest things in the universe — dark energy. This connection can be caused by a previously unknown subatomic particles called akseleronom.

Dark energy, the value of which for the early space can be ignored, now makes up 70% of the space. Understanding this phenomenon can help explain why some day in the distant future, the universe will expand so much that in the night sky can not be seen other stars and galaxies, and allow astronomers to determine whether the infinite expansion of the universe will occur.

According to the new theory, neutrinos affects new force generated by their interaction with akseleronami. Dark energy arises when the universe is trying to break the neutrinos apart, creating friction, as in a stretched rubber band. This friction and provides energy for the expansion of the universe.

Neutrinos produced by nuclear fusion in stars, are distributed throughout the universe, passing through all matter, including people, every second. They have a small mass and no charge, which means that they interact very weakly with the materials they pass through. Interaction of matter with akseleronami even weaker, which is why these particles has not yet been able to observe even the most sophisticated detectors. However, according to the new theory, capable of interacting with akselerony neutrinos and this interaction can be identified in the course of experiments with neutrinos conducted worldwide.

The authors of the theory argue that the neutrino mass may vary depending on the medium through which they pass — similar to the behavior of light. But if neutrinos are a component of dark matter, then perhaps the existence of forces to explain anomalies in conducting various experiments. And the existence of such a force, fueled by the neutrino and akseleronami, will continue to fuel the expansion of the universe.


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