Urusvati star (Nemesis, Mara, Nibiru, Wormwood) — a sign of the new world

I'm sure many have wondered what this strange new star appeared on the horizon this year and why it is brighter than all the other objects, except for the Sun and the Moon, and its brightness increases continuously? We tried to find answers to the questions what is the star, and that means its appearance.

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In 1984 in California, gathered scientists from different countries, based on numerous observations and above all the facts unexplained deviations in the motion of Uranus, Neptune, and the perihelion of Halley's comet, was the hypothesis that our Sun has its own remote satellite dwarf star. This star, moving in a highly elongated orbit and having a very long cycle of treatment, regular visits to the solar neighborhood. With its approach in the Solar System are catastrophic global changes. Star named after the Greek goddess of retribution — nemesis. However, despite its seemingly already powerful gravitational effect, the current means of observation to see Nemesis can not yet. This is the view of scientists.
This makes it important question — whether there is any other information sources talking about it for all of us life-changing event?

It turns out there, and not enough. As the theme of this is in the general eschatological character, to some extent, it is present in almost all the ancient scriptures, prophecies and predictions. Yet they do not — largely come down to us in a distorted form, are now of interest. There is a current knowledge and is essentially a whole doctrine on the subject. The doctrine is called "Agni Yoga" and it was given to Shambhala in the 20 — 30 years of the twentieth century by E. Roerich. In addition there are also the so called "Mahatma Letters", which came from the same source in the 80-ies of the XIX century to the AP Sinnett. Finally, there is information which has been received by people is our generation — people in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

As the mysterious Shambala — the main source of information about the upcoming star, then what is Shambhala? In short, the Shambhala — a community of people who have already completed their conscious development on Earth, and could move into the higher realms of the universe, and there continue their formation, but remained on the planet to help us — their less developed brethren cross the threshold of space perturbations associated with the arrival of Nemesis. Shambhala — the focus of Knowledge. She manages the evolution of mankind from time immemorial. All religions, all outstanding scientific — have come from there. The difference between the Mahatmas and ordinary people is the level of consciousness. If the first, pushed the boundaries of his mind so that you have mastered the essential perception of the cosmos, the latter being captured own "earthly" desires and passions, remain hostages of the Earth. Land, as the third dimension. Shambhala, though residing in a specific geographic location of our planet — it is useless to look for it, was not invited — not found. And yet, as the Mahatma have finished their earthly (physical) karma, not to disturb the initiative and originality of human civilization, they do not interfere in its affairs on a physical level, but do so on the fine. For the same reason, and extraterrestrials are watching us, just do not show themselves.
And so, what are the messages we find in Nemesis Mahatma Letters?

"… Star Raja (King Star) is located just behind Jupiter, which no mortal has seen the physical eye during this our Circle *. If it could be found, it would seem the best telescope in the power of increasing the diameter 10,000 times still small, immeasurable point brightness darkened any of the planets, yet the world is a thousand times greater than Jupiter. Strong excitement of Jupiter's atmosphere, and even his red spots that are so intriguing recent science, depend on: 1. movement and 2. the impact of the Raja-Star. In her current position in space, inconspicuously small it may be, the metal material of which it is mainly composed, distributed and gradually transformed into gaseous fluids … to become part of its atmosphere. "
Mahatma Letters. XXI. 1882.

And over there:

"When your race — the fifth to reach its zenith of physical and mental development and develop the highest civilization (note the difference that we make between the material and spiritual civilizations), and not being able to climb up in its cycle, its progress towards evil will be stopped , just like its predecessor — the Lemurians and Atlanteans, the people of the third and fourth races, were arrested in their progress … one of these cataclysmic change. "
… "The future destiny of our British Isles, the first on the list of victims that will be destroyed by fire (underwater volcanoes) and water. France and other countries will follow "…
Mahatma Letters. XXI. 1882.

Now, from the nineteenth century to the twentieth, and go check out the Agni Yoga. Here's what it says.

"Urusvati — time to say that the so call a star that irresistibly approaching Earth. Long since she was a symbol of the Mother of the World (previously under this name mistaken Venus), and the era of the World Mother to begin, when it approaches the Earth Star unprecedented.

Great era begins for duhorazumenie associated with the Mother of the World. Even knowing the term marvelous to look at the physical approximation of judgment. It is important to advance very great era that will change the life of the Earth … New rays reach the Earth for the first time of its formation … "
Agni Yoga. Sheets Garden Moria. Part two. IV. II.

"… We watch a lot of stress as magnetic waves and chemical rays …."
Agni Yoga. Agni Yoga. 22.

… "New Era begins amid thunder and lightning. What effect will the storm? Unusual stupidity … "
Agni Yoga. Agni Yoga. 277.

… "When given the New Era of Fire, then you need to master this element … where the old, there's a new fire will burn, and life does not get a new blessing. Let not take the words of the fire, as a symbol of a distraction. Talking about the Fire, truly exists. This is not the first planet is experiencing
the impact of the disaster. On changing race Fire approaches as jet cleaning. Mankind remembers the destruction wrought by compound Spatial Fire, with its underground deposits. Why repeat the destruction of Atlantis, if you can attract the beneficence of the element of fire? But to come safely to the fire, you need to learn to think about it and take it in mind "…
Agni Yoga. Agni Yoga. 341.

We now make a digression and explain what should be understood here by the word "fire." As is well known, since ancient times, there are four types of elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. So, the names of these elements mean that other, as states of matter. Earth is dense (physical) state of matter. Water-thin (astral). Air — subtle (mental). Fire — sverhtonchayshee (spiritual). Fire as sverhtonchayshee state of matter, it is the primary (initial) state it, so to speak — the highest principle. The other three elements: Air, Water and Earth is just a state of downward materialization of Fire. Can be explained easier. The fire is the same as the unit in mathematics. The air is the same as the two units. Water — the same as three units. Earth — the same as four. With the addition of one unit with two, three and four units generated number ten — the natural numbers. So at the bottom of all mathematical diversity is simply a unit, or in other words — are united. The same thing happens when adding the four states of matter, just give us the result of their SPACE — live materialized mathematics with all its infinite diversity. That's why we find the basis of the cosmos element fire. And if this remember that there is no matter without energy, and energy without matter, and they add another consciousness, a lot of these texts becomes clear. Thus, if the Mother of the World (Unit, the One Fire), is the foundation, mother of the macrocosm, the Urusvati (aka: Nemesis, Raja-Star, Tishya, Nebiru, etc.) — as a naturalized embodied her character — is the foundation and mother of our microcosm. Therefore, what is now approaching the Earth on its physical matter is:

1. sverhtonchayshey of matter

2. sverhtonchayshey of energy

3. sverhtonchayshego of consciousness.

And if so, then it must act — invisible, refined and very powerful. But back to the Agni Yoga.

"… Life begins to approach the new planet of the Infinite, and therefore observe the earth upheavals …"
Agni Yoga. Infinity. 1.

… "The era of fire, find the courage and intelligence to take it …"
Agni Yoga. Infinity. 10.

… "Indifference is not versed in human progress and enjoy a time of prosperity, not showing understanding of what subsequently firmly established the death of our planet …"
Agni Yoga. Infinity. 11.

… "Powerful magnet acts on the planet (1), so the current CCA-
particularly tense now … "
Agni Yoga. Infinity. 489.

… "When the impact force increases, then humanity will reveal panic and fear and chaos of action …"
Agni Yoga. Infinity. 491.

… "In the construction of outer spatial fire close to the earth's solid … The Earth's crust is a lot of traces of karma and to shift them to upgrade …"
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 246.

"… The era of fire phenomenon is always accompanied by disruptions, for spiritual consciousness shifted along with the space displacements. Therefore, the most important era of Fire — a subtle perception …. "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 350.

"… Is it not enough earthquakes? Is it a small wrecks, storms, cold and heat immense? … Are not there signs Multiplying? But humanity does not want to know explicitly the midst of chaos! So, we will not insist on the sign visibly when doubt blinded people. But among the blind and deaf children are fire, we are sending them signs to recognized offensive Light …. "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 380.

… "Events invade life, and not for the war, as it is believed, but a clash of elements makes it not a fairy tale. Exactly the same in past disasters are unwilling to notice the present situation …. "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 349.

… "Blow the old world events. All Testament points this time. However, people do not think about what is happening. They can not even begin to think about the future. You can not do without uyavit book on the doctrine of the time it is now. It is impossible to think that anything will change for the flow created by people. Already on distant worlds horrified inevitability of fire, but the Earth is still envelops a dark veil. Then, which required a century, now takes place in five years — to accelerate the progression of the law in effect. Because … no discussion, no doubt, no hesitation, but salvation will be the sign of the hour … "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 405.

"… You feel great battle and terrible death, gathered on the ground …."
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 444.

… "Upset climate undoubtedly. But people lightly notice of sunspots or a shift in the Earth's axis … they do not understand what they say. Termination of civilization, the end of life, no longer visits to the planet, encountered quite similar thoughts of … "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 463.

… "The extinction of the human and animal generations, and the depletion of the productive forces of nature, marks the end of the Kali Yuga. Before your eyes this process, but only a few
bother to notice this cosmic phenomenon … you (1) want to collect for the Common Good Our conversations, so be it, but they will not read more than your fingers. Many of us look through the book and chuckle judgment of the Heart, Armageddon, the depletion of the productive forces. Exactly the same happened more than once. The same should happen again, and we can only wish that the end of the Kali Yuga has not turned to the end! … "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 474.

… "It's time to look searchingly over bargaining and deception. We human death is the eyes. So one has to understand that all the blame at Armageddon, and therefore no one can escape … "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 552.

… "Terrible wave approaching fire, if they are not aware and do not take them with her heart lights" …
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 1. 12.

"… People do not think that fire power will flood the planet naturally as a consequence of the law of nature …"
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 1. 228.

… "Trembling Earth increases … Sure everything relating to the fiery energy, efforts and tightened. People reinforce this area and structure of life and thinking. Nothing irritates the fire element so as disorderly thinking … "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 1. 247.

… "When the waves of fire cause people to seek refuge in the towers of the spirit, then in disgust people regret every bezdelnom existence. They will try to collect the crumbs in disarray positive thinking … You need to think of the approach of a very unusual times. No violence, no robbery, no betrayal, no lie will not help the fiery waves. Not so much a shame as suffering constrained to seek salvation "…
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 1. 508.

… "When slew whole continents, how to find a new home without the new energy? Necessary to prepare the spiritual consciousness to great revolutions of the earth — is at best, but if we meet at the last line in the old black hatred, people will only powder keg "…
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 2. 8.

… "The great heat is not only physical warmth, but there is chemistry, which has thickened over the planet, as a harbinger of the Age of Fire …"
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 2. 19.

… "Imbalance of the planet, in fact, cause many threefold manifestation. Not only can they be visibly new celestial bodies, but the chemistry of the light can change … "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 2. 87.

… "New Heaven can become visible. It has long been said that the new body is coming, but is hidden from observation …. "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 2. 92.

… "So Babylon is fallen, since Rome fell, so covered with sand and water engulfed civilization kingdom. But to replace this series is the most fiery and greatest destruction and construction. Space is saturated with fiery energies to rebuilding … Yakima marching understanding the cycle of Fire …. "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 3. 175.

… "How Fire Guards are on patrol, so powerful Razryaditeli clean space … Without the fiery centers Savior of mankind would have been impossible to hold the event ahead of schedule. Truly, this is great work to protect humanity! … "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 3. 181.

"… All the creations of the human form taking monstrous. Development of the forces went on a channel aimed to destroy. So millions of dark souls incarnated — shower who have lost touch with the spirit. So many centuries many souls rushed to the phenomenon of life, but not of being, and life was directed by these desires …. "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 3. 323.

"… The most terrible scourge of mankind is its narrow outlook. Best people think that the phenomenon of their outlook is the main key to the salvation of the world, but the limits of these worldviews do not go beyond the physical world. Church representatives promise salvation to the people of the spirit, but beyond the physical world do not go. Traditional leaders sent their people thinking for the reorganization, but then the lower spheres they do not lead. So it is possible to list all the degrees of human leadership, and become terribly over the impasse, which included humanity …. "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 3. 334.

"… In all of the concepts and principles of the people put its stamp. Each person approving the Supreme revealed their blasphemy. Not the world is cruel, but man. No peace maintains injustice, but man … "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 3. 337.

"… We can not name a single religion, which, thank God, did not say a blasphemy. Distortion teachings spawned horror experienced. It was brought down to the level of the Teaching of man, and the temples of mankind is not the temple of the Lord. And the word of the Lords is not approved by mankind, for the scientific world was lost in the darkness of human understanding … "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 3. 335.

"… So many admixed to the field of religion, that the statute of limitations since quite superficial observers do not recognize the basis of layers …"
Agni Yoga. AUM. 112.

"… The planet makes a circle that leads all to the end. When walking time when everyone's must identify their potential …
Circle complete awakens all energies, for in the final battle will involve all the forces of Light and Darkness — from the top and to waste … "
Agni Yoga. Fiery World. Part 3. 350.

Now let's see what they say about this mysterious space
facility and upcoming events related to its appearance, the newspaper contactees "Seventh Heaven" for 1997. Number number 9, 11.

… "In the beginning the feeling. It will be different. For some, it's terrible, for others, joy. Then there was light. It will be first from afar, then close like a huge ball of fire. It will merge with the earth. Almost all will be bad, then it is very bad. Then they — dark majority — will die, but they do not understand and would like to live, but actually die forever. But for a minority it will be a bright paradise ….

They will continue the evolution in the New World, and their life will be easier. "
Shambhala. 01.08.1995g.

"Question: What is this ball of fire? This so-called "spatial fire"? What is its nature?
A: The nature of a kind, joyful thought! He will take the highest in all the, you know, a lower burn …
Q: Will there be a new physical earth globe as a result of tectonic change, or it will cease to exist as an object of physical matter?
A: Physical globe will be. Physical earth will cease
existence. "…
Of dialogue with Shambhala. 04.08.1995g.

… "As called Transition (2) on the physical plane? — Tectonic shifts, natural disasters. Then everything will burn. Leaving only the pure souls. The physical body of the earth will disappear, it will be the astral body … "
The constellation Orion. 1996

… "Yes, humanity has collapsed! It changed its nature for the worse and threatens the destruction of the planet. And you can not deny the threat, because the laws of the Cosmos prohibit premature intervention in karma of Earth and humanity. This will be possible only at a time when it's HEAT unprecedented power … "
Shambhala. 1996

And so, Nemesis, while still on the approach — is a source of radiation energy superpower by which it affects the invisible celestial bodies are located on our physical plane. So, I suppose, and affects everything that is on those bodies. In fact, is it not the one, the dynamic growth of evil, hatred and all forms of vice, which recently swept the planet and especially in Russia, a manifestation of this influence? Is not that a crazy speed technocratic, material development which gathered current civilization of people — the consumers, on the one hand and its spiritual — moral stupor, on the other, due to the approximation of Nemesis? After working on the man, invisible radiation, as if straining their energy his mind psihologiziruet it. And if, for example, is dominated by the lower consciousness, evil qualities, then, being strengthened this power, they appear RKO in thoughts, words and actions of this man. The same thing happens with light qualities, and if they are dominant in the mind, they will also increase. In this case, a person's behavior as a whole is positive. The front line of Armageddon, so is in the mind of each individual. And what in the end will win it, "higher" or "lower", virtue or vice, light and darkness, and it will decide his fate. Obviously, in the process of racial selection, Nemesis plays a catalytic role in amplifying all the reactions in the mind of the individual, with the result that is evolutionary selection.
But why a man as it is written, "is the threat of destruction of the planet?" As it may cause a catastrophe, including the destruction of the physical globe? Let us return for a response to Agni Yoga.

… "Fire Underground (1) and above-ground fire (2) are related, but far in the action. People do not want to understand its impact on the subterranean fire. Astrological signs can think of special care, but instead of people just increase the risk … "
Agni Yoga. AUM. 94.

… "It is hard to imagine, but it certainly, our fire (3) is the main regulator of the earthquake. Lighted centers (4), the conductors of Fire of Space, slow to anger appeaseth subterranean fire …. "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 268.

… "Promotion magnetic currents on the surface of the Earth is a line of atmospheric change. Promotion magnetic currents underground is a range of earthquakes … "
Agni Yoga. Infinity. 834.

… "When the subterranean fire seeks a way out, the waves of Spatial Fire respectively tense …"
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 269.

… "Unfortunately now totally corresponds to the last time Atlantis. The same prophets, the same lzhespasitel, the same war, the same betrayal and spiritual barbarism … Just turned against the Hierarchy (5) and suffocated their own self-interest. The emergence of new, unknown species of disease, but as an equal and exacerbate the already existing — is not this the influence of Nemesis on bacteria and viruses, from which they start to multiply and mutate rapidly. Just break the equilibrium ground forces and created mutual efforts of disaster … "

Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 145.

Consequently, the subterranean fire (the core of the Earth) and the Fire of spatial (Nemesis), although the form and not the same, yet they are consubstantial, since they belong to the same element. And as such attracted to like, and the inner fire of the Earth, excited, rushes to join up with nemesis, thus creating the volcanic activity and earthquakes.

As a microcosm, man is part of the macrocosm, and in fact has to do with the structure of it. And if so, then it is as multidimensional and raznomaterialen and all of his body from the external — physical and ending sverhtonchayshim — fiery, also comply with the full range of elements. Consequently, a person with their internal bodies, not only responds to the cosmic changes, but through a fiery body, can communicate with space lights, including a nemesis. Only to realize it. Being a resident of the Earth's crust and occupies an intermediate — between the underground fire and radiation of Nemesis, the position of mankind their fiery bodies could take away much of the energy reaching the Earth, and thus — to restrain, reassure the subterranean fire. But, if at the time of a critical, in humanity, in general, will dominate the dense, lower — consciousness based on misunderstanding and rejection, and you probably will be an absolute cataclysm, for not having any obstacles in front of him, an underground fire with such impetuosity can escape from the planet's body would tear him apart. And then, in fact — Goodbye physical globe! Judging by the current state of humanity and the latest formidable pessimistic-tion messages — precisely this is the end of civilization. But there is of course the opposite option. However, to implement people would refine his present consciousness. Refine consciousness to the degree of Fire, they thus created would imagine the fiery body. And then everything would cost only minor destruction. But it is rather utopian. Probably closer to the reality of the third option — the planet, if not become a aerolites nonetheless destruction will be so terrible that the continued existence of man in his physical body will not likely possible. Think of the enormous reserves of various hazardous and toxic substances created in recent years, the existence of many chemical plants, industrial plants, on nuclear power plants, storage of oil and gas, nuclear warheads, finally. Add to this the same way countless methane hydrate deposits on the ocean bottom — and you can easily imagine what a radioactive chemical broth becomes the habitat of mankind, when it will all be destroyed by earthquakes and burning lava. But, as the Shambhala:

… "The earth itself is full of inexhaustible wealth. Can be strengthened
planet, improving their health … "
Agni Yoga. AUM. 138.

In any case, the fate of mankind — in the hands of the mankind and in the end he decide which choice to make. Only one thing is already clear: to whatever size is not poured coming cataclysm, it will be directly proportional to the level of human consciousness.
About that, in any form, in which the body of the person will live a new
race, in the Agni Yoga, saying:

"… Among the terrestrial conditions psychic energy in the mind learns
to the adoption of a new kind of flesh. Already pointed to the experience with Ethereal, which
ing should take place in the evolution …. "
Agni Yoga. Agni Yoga. 445.

… "Experience with a sealed Ethereal, in fact, it is an attempt, but the plan-
dimensional to the sixth race …. "
Agni Yoga. Hierarchy. 206.

From this it follows that a new human race forward astral form of existence. The new humanity will live in the 4th dimension. But, what will happen to those people who are not able to overcome the color barrier?

Those of us, who at the time of racial Inver not be able to form their own, corresponding to the new world (measured) thin body — of course it did not show up. They expect Kama Loka — the illusion of life in a real death.

Certainly, Shambala has knowledge hidden secrets of nature, including the recognition of space and race cycles. Mahatma long known of the impending astronomical event that will all change.

To him they were preparing us through Blavatsky and Roerich. Just what was the result?

And the last thing I would like to quote:

… "We are far from threats. We can remind and warn, but none of
We did not use the power of suggestion grim horror. Free will remain
etsya honors man. Is unfortunate if this excellent energy
Gia propels madmen into the abyss … the fate of Atlantis can be
see the warnings poured generously, but not crazy-hearing
I … "
Agni Yoga. Brotherhood. 524.

(1) The core of the Earth.
(2) spatial fire. Nemesis.
(3) Fire (spiritual) body.
(4) Centers receivers of cosmic energy in man.
(5) Hierarchy Mind of Light.

By Vitaly Maksyutenko

Urusvati the night sky April 17, 2012.  20:58, Maikop.

It seems that the prophecy coming true. Urusvati appeared on the horizon, not by May 2011, as written on the internet before, but this year, this new star shines brighter than all.

Above, a photo of the star, now post the video, filmed in the same place in different phones:

Dawn gripped the edge of the earth — Evening Day — Evening poblekaet quiet dawn.
Currant-river sleeps. Blue whack sun otlilis its spring waters.
Went to the bank to the water girls: znoyatsya person poizmyata embroidered shirt primuchilis shoulders.
Not far off the hot pore. Pretty much a winter with frost scare! — All perished in cold, asleep in strekuchey nettles.
Go dance. Began to play the song.
Fly for a thick white cloud through the dawn, with the sunset before daylight, Kupala songs.
Lived on the edge of the swamp frogs — kvakchut.
And quietly scattered stars, well — candles, gold povitye nelitym, netyanutym.
Is on the meadows, on the field of Mara Marin, cuckoo quietly and sadly, cuckoos, iznemaet melancholy way.
Noise on shatuchey aspen leaves no wind.
Vigorous bubbling key combustible.
Mara is Madder not trample the grass, do not break color. From the middle of the way she looked — sad eyes gazed — distant star enlightened.
Are green meadows, poured ear cornfield.
Upland berry ripening.
Breakpoint by the window!
There's someone curses and swears. Why there swear by the Earth and the Sun! Put in anything this sultry oath. It will not be from the curse of greed.
Glances Mara Marin, enlighten — Brighten the whole world and destroy.
Everything goes to her.
All perish.
Mara Marin sickle in one hand and in the other a green wreath. It is the heart dry up, canting centuries, tear indissoluble, vzduet winds, snow cover everything loose warm sun, strong oaks razmahaet.
And outshine the joys day.
And not cute uvedaet of cute, forget, I thee, thou me …
Is Mara Marin, muddied Smorodin-river, water lilies and opens further goes to the mountains — mountains are pounded — and further the valley, on the big field.
And she soared vosled nepogozhaya cloud with more rain nepronosnaya.
Shiba stone to the stars bird mogul, and happiness-pen, boiling pitch, falls happy.
Stop! Not priunyat not tame bezpovinnogo heart brims over.
There's a wolf, zachuyav his death, howled.
And the sky merges with the earth.

Remizov, 1914

On pages further — video on the subject (under each video — the original description by the author). Related Videos published in another reality, and such on the Internet for the past 2 years there more often.

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