USA: Christopher Columbus was not what he considered to be




Christopher Columbus originally was not Genoese, as commonly believed, but a native of Catalonia. This conclusion came a group of Spanish and American historians led by Professor Charles Merrilom, well-known expert on the Middle Ages.

Findings of Spanish and American scientists are based on thorough research of the remains of Columbus, his letters, calligraphy, all the known facts of his biography. According to researchers, the discoverer of America, being a man of culture and a well-educated, could hardly have been a native of the common people.

As a result of stylistic analysis, scientists have come to the conclusion that the mother tongue of Columbus was Catalan, not Italian, he is not even used in the letters to the bankers of Genoa, asking for financial support for his expedition.

Battery News, 03.08.2004 14:55
Source: RIA "Novosti"

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