Veterans of the war in Afghanistan turned to Lukashenka

It should help the President stamp out corruption and for all put an end to the war between the security forces.

The text of the letter, circulated in the media, quoting the Russian newspaper "Kommersant". The letter says that the country is "transformed into a privately run prison in the battlefield of criminal clan for their own interests, for its proximity to the body of the president, which allows them to plunder the wealth with impunity and imprison their competitors."

The main problem veterans see the corruption that hit the power structures:

"The war power of government institutions, a fortiori central government departments, each gets a definite harm to the country and leaves them little time for the disclosure of serious crimes against civilians. MIA reveals the criminal elements in the structures of the KGB, the KGB responded in kind. Customs at war with the prosecution. "As a result, the authors of the letter, the employees of these agencies end up in prison, died under mysterious circumstances, and some are in hiding abroad. As an example, see Svetlana Baykova.
The officers argue that in fact the country is ruled untouchable gang of criminals, and Lukashenko warned that around the "ring is compressed greedy crooks."

"You, being uncompromising fighter against corruption, are in great danger, and it is alarming. Would not you, it all falls apart!" — The author complained to Alexander Lukashenko. — We, the veterans of the war, we understand that you alone will not be able to defeat this corrupt system that znichshae state, and offer our assistance in the identification and punishment of criminals that have paralyzed the entire state system. "

To do this, the officers offered to create an organization "Combat Brotherhood Without Borders", which will be composed of combat veterans and help restore order in the country.

A letter signed on behalf of veterans, Colonel Vladimir bearded. He said that was signed by 15 officers.

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