Video of UFO in the sky Urals




According to Mikhail Ovsyannikov last week in the Chelyabinsk region in the video and a digital camera was photographed a large group of UFO maneuvers. Here is an excerpt from a letter from Michael (style and spelling): "… saw and filmed a UFO pictures and videos not know now what to do about it proizashlo unexpectedly in my country house, they were very much on the same photo I counted them about fifteen small spherical and one large plate as the main apparently, the distance to them, I think it was about 3000-5000m. their speed was about 2000-3000km / h watch started around April 18 two objects is silver, then another, and yet they flew each other in small groups or individually, one video came out short but clear I am very much upset, and one is not very high quality, digital filming fotoapporatom watched for about an hour until they disappeared then went back for somewhere around 21 hours, and once saw a spherical UFO showed other and the driver … " Currently, negotiations are underway with the author about the possibility of filming the Perm group of independent expertise of the film and photos. Permian researchers already have a lot of experience in this matter. After receiving the shooting, they will be digitized and posted on the Kosmopoisk for general discussion.


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