Vinnie Jones: The reality of the Russian / Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest watch online

Vinnie Jones: The reality of the Russian / Vinnie Jones: Russia's Toughest смотреть онлайн
This documentary film tells of Vinnie Jones which throws a challenge of. Winnie task — to find out why it is believed that it's so hard to work and live, and if it matches reality. Winnie try live in Russia, to try on a profession that may seem very languid. The former "bad little boy" from football and today the bully from Hollywood Winnie Jones is not creepy fights and rivalry. The most difficult tests await him in the future, when he will have to work shoulder to shoulder with the people who fearlessly make some of the most difficult work in Russia: unsafe confront predators, protect the Russian elite from the kidnappers and extortionists and are working on a construction site in hundredths meters above the ground without any insurance.

Series 1 — Railroad / Rail Men

Series 2 — Order against poachers.

Winnie Jones push off the Kamchatka Peninsula, to live and to work with the inspectors, protected by a huge population of brown bears from poachers.

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