Voronezh fisherman caught a piranha to a worm

Fisherman caught a piranha on the tropical worm in Voronezh Reservoir, said Thursday the head of the local branch of the regional FSI "Azdonrybvod" Konstantin smoothly.

Exotic fish is 30 cm in length, excluding the tail fin and weighs one kilogram.

According Gladkikh such catch in Voronezh — it was an accident, although isolated instances of the predator at different times found in waters of various regions of Russia. "Most likely, the fish got into the pond from the aquarium of the exotic fish. It is simply set free, "- said smoothly.

For lovers of swimming in the reservoir exotic fish posed no danger. "These predators are dangerous to people only when they are going to the pack," — said to "Interfax" smooth.

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