Walking with baby

Walking with baby


In the summer, the newborn can be taken for a walk almost immediately after discharge from the hospital (if it weighs more than 2500 grams) — first as20-40 minutes a day, gradually increasing time to6-8 hours per day in the month of age.

Sleep in the open air has a positive effect on the growing child, being not only tempering factor, but also strengthens the nervous system. In the summer baby can constantly sleeping on the street, but it is necessary to shield from direct sunlight and strong wind. Ultraviolet rays have a positive effect on the immune system of the body, but the direct impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin of an infant may adversely affect the health of the baby. This is due to the fact that in the skin of an infant little melanin — the pigment protection designed to prevent older children from burns.

For children older than one year, you can gradually begin to spend sunbathing. The air temperature should be between +200C to +300C (but not more!), Exposure to the sun, start with5-10 minutes and gradually bring it to30-40 minutes. The best time to sunbath in central Russia are considered the morning from 9 to 12 hours in the hot time you can sunbathe and from 16 to 18 hours.

Do not forget to put on a baby's head or panama hat of a light white cloth — this will protect the baby from sunstroke. Closely monitor the baby's skin: redness at the slightest exposure to the sun should cease to1-2 day. Use children's soltsezaschitnymi creams. The smallest necessary creams with a high degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation.


If at birth baby weighed more than 3 kg, eats well, is active, sleeps a lot, starting with the seven-day age limit to daily walk in winter at temperatures below minus 100On a windless weather. Winter walks should begin with5-10 minutes a day, bringing exposure to fresh air and 1,5-2 hours per day. The day should be sunny. In winter, you can lay the baby to sleep in the open air with2-x weeks of age at25-30 minutes at ambient temperature to -100S.

Baby clothing for winter walks, use the principle — no more than three things. First, put on underwear (unitard or a T-shirt with the sliders, as well as a disposable diaper). Next is a warm sweater with pants, or a suit, or a warm jumpsuit with closed legs and long sleeves. Rounding out the warm winter outfit baby socks, cap andsomething top — the envelope, street overalls, sheepskin for strollers. The only condition for the last layer of clothing: baby should be able to at least move his arms and legs.

If baby froze, his face is pale, his nose white. In addition, the child is very calm and quiet. If you notice something like, go home faster.

In the cold time , the use of children's cosmetics, which will protect your baby's skin from frostbite. Pharmacies have a whole lot of creams and ointments that relieve irritation and flaking.

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