We are not ready for the heat wave, because it is not anything to do …


— Belarus is not ready for such heat. Primarily on jobsoh the vast majority of NO air conditioning. In urban transport such closeness that it is impossible to go. Yes and no place to cool off in the city.

— Difficult question, but all suits me wherever I went.

— Actually, no air conditioning anywhere, you need to go to another country, it is no longer possible to tolerate, it is necessary to dump. Therefore that is a bad life.

— It's too hot. Even in the shade can relax a little, and when you sit in a room, it is difficult, because there is nowhere as air conditioners, and where there is, they do not work so well to zastseragchysya to heat.

— On public transport is impossible to go. Yes that saysb, if there is no air conditioning in the car, it will not be able to go. It is impossible that we are not ready for such an abnormal temperature. "

— Oh, heat, duhatsishcha, a lot of people and trucks rarely goes …

— No, it's not ready. In public institutions even though there are air conditioners, and in urban transport duhatsishcha impossible. I'm on the 7th floor of a permanently open windows at night to sleep but stuffy. No one in the apartments are not air conditioned, I, for one, have not seen.

— Belarus is not ready for such heat because no one for her and did not prepare — all very simple. Conditioners primarily have anywhere to put. Well MAZ city buses, and why they do not put there air conditioning? They also can not go.

— Fountains with drinking water to urban place, and no one is thinking.

— Take, for Soviet area — all the trees to cut down. Maybe someone and like it, but the concrete jungle, I'm sorry, but even these high-rise buildings, the horror.


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