We live in debt. Bankruptcy is just around the corner …

Although the Company that the elections in Belarus have not been announced for the past few months much of the e-mail "Freedom" — that on the subject. Our students are actively discussing the chances of opposition politicians argue about the conditions under which the campaign can be conducted democratically. Too many are inclined to think that the elections in Belarus will be held on the same scenarios and the same with the same result — just as it did in 2001, and in 2006, respectively.

Our listener Vasily Unnamed of Smalyavichy, from a letter which will begin today's discussion, said that these elections in Belarus today do not — there is only an imitation of them. Mr. Basil writes:

"We abuse the term" election. "And we are in principle impossible. And that they know almost everything. We will be another farce called" elections "as a result of which is known Yarmoshina announce who the winner is known. So, maybe that's enough to rub myself nose figure of three fingers and laugh and fellow neighbors?

We will take another farce called "elections" as a result of which is known Yarmoshina will announce the winner knows whom.

I regret that, "Freedom" freely and unnecessarily uses terms that are against Belarus does not apply. "President", "republic", "election", "law enforcement system" … Speaking of which, under our conditions, Freedom essentially misinformed society. Presidents are only in the republics, and our country is not so. Republican system involves the election of branches. And we have no election and no dictatorship can not be. Ah, the Constitution declares our republican system? Yes it is a lot more declares that the authority for a long time do not pay attention. Thus, the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, marches, rallies, meetings — without any mention of it, or at least permits sanctions …

No less indicative factor and the so-called "Belarusian economic miracle", as a result of which our country has been increasing foreign debt on loans already doubled. Each child Belarus today is owed two thousand dollars! And that almost nobody knows. The actual bankruptcy of the country is around the corner! "-

— This is the opinion of Basil Unnamed Smalyavichy.

Journalistic reports, messages, interviews — it's not political studies, Mr. Basil. It is impossible for each of them resemble the story of the last sixteen years, during which Belarus is really happening fundamental change of the constitutional system, the concentration of power in one hand and a gradual degradation, transformation into a decorative screen of many national institutions. About all this "freedom" at the time reported in detail, reports, and now, when that is the operational base or reason. And for our listeners (and for almost all the inhabitants of Belarus) is unlikely to need each time repeating what constitutes election in Belarusian and why they are the basis of the standards of democratic states do not have to call elections.

The results of the 16-year rule of Alexander Lukashenko is trying to summarize in a letter Stanislav Tunick from the village Shupeyko Svetlahorsk district. On the pre-election situation today in Belarus, he writes the following:

"Now there are many who want to take the presidency. But the chances are to win this election, defeat the incumbent president, none of them are not. Our society remains committed to the freedom to change the government handouts (increase in wages, pensions), and does not want to to take responsibility for their own destiny for themselves.

Our society is still willing to change the freedom to government handouts.

During the long years of the presidency of Lukashenko in Belarus is not created any free economy or civil society. A permanent president, obviously, can not imagine that he would ever have to part with the post.

Now here's a quarrel with Russia. The same one for which he had promised to go to NATO tanks, go to the dugout. Apparently tired of his game in the integration, which allowed well exist due to cheap Russian oil and gas. And the Russian regions now not to ride …

And on Russian television on Lukashenka Now what did not see. Particularly interested in many extramarital affairs head of the country. Everyone remembers that in the late 90's then-President Clinton just did not pay for that kind of position due to the famous Monica Lewinsky. After all, the American people see in the person of its president sample of decency, morality, preservation of family values. And what have we? Where in Belarus First Lady? Where are all the mother of the famous presidential son Kolya, who almost daily on TV? What children born in the head of the marriage, and which — outside of marriage? And most importantly, what kind of example in the privacy of their own citizens shows it and is it not an open challenge to society? "-

— Wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Stanislav Tunick Shupeyko Svetlahorsk village of the district.

The fact that President Lukashenko specific relation to traditional family values, it was not known today, not even when on television began to appear younger presidential son Kolya. But that's not really hurt Alexander Lukashenko win on numerous referendums and elections since the mid-90s. Apparently, in the attitude of society to the problem is not one that is trying to defend the Christian church, and which should ideally be in accordance with the highest ethical standards. If half of the year in the country of marriages fail, and a third of children are born outside marriage — what kind of moral challenge of such a society throws his behavior president?

About how village people, not relying on the farm, trying to make a living by yourself, tells in his new letter on "Freedom" Ales Wasilewski from the village Kletnoe Borisov district. He writes:

"At these days in the village of everything (even the workers who leave) the morning of the buckets are selected in the forest. Do not allow yourself, it seems that no one output, so as not to lose the opportunity to bring something from there. Heat, no heat, and if the money — so always good. It is known, plus ruble never happens. But sometimes even disgusting to watch it all. Old, twisted into a handful of years and illness, barely getting light right the berries — the sun on the clouds of mosquitoes. And for whom — for the sake of healthy but lazy grandchildren.

Or go for the sake of feeding mosquitoes German or Polish? Not with all this hunger.

A dishonest dealers prices for berries and mushrooms for many years did not increase, and even lower.

Though, probably, and are surprised that it is not spivsya with them.

I wonder: would be better if these people even half an hour revered "People's Will" or listen to "Freedom." So not only do you hear the answer: "No time, we — the little people." You know those better than me, dear Valentine. Persuade them to me here, and generally a problem, as I believe they crank from my school days. Though probably, and are surprised that no spivsya with them, "-

— Wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Ales Vasilevski from the village Kletnoe Borisov district.

Can anyone of anything and do not need to be convinced, Ales? Daily life, work, life — the best and educator, and advocate, and the ideologue. In forest bogs, berry, among many mosquito — a lot of time to think about why the gathering, as if in the primitive communal
system, in Belarus again becomes the only way to survive.

The comments and suggestions from our friend Boris Zabalotnika from Minsk. Like other members of the Club of Friends of Liberty, from time to time we send him small gifts — in particular, calendar schedule our gear when the waves and frequencies that happens every spring and fall. Mr. Zabalotnik writes on this subject:

"On the calendars you tend to put some paintings — both for my taste and understanding, so — it is unclear inappropriate content. So do not — in any case. With this practice you need to" tie. "On the calendars should be put an interesting, informative — for example, on stamps. Ibid not publish horrible. For example, would you give out pictures of the most famous churches, cathedrals, churches around the world. Then these calendars with collectors prices would not be! Or pictures of interesting architectural projects — bridges, unusual buildings, giant transport solution. Or — the new car or public figures of Belarusian history. This is very important!

Your calendars — it's not just printed leaflets with pictures, it is — a message from a reputable Radio Liberty, which I am grateful for his work, for the fact that it exists. Greetings to all employees, "Freedom." I regret that I do not have anything like that, so I can thank you for your attention to me, an old pensioner, the distributor of the newspaper "Freedom", which was edited by Igor Germenchuk "-

— Wrote in his letter to the "Freedom" Boris Zabalotnik from Minsk.

Your attention to our work, Boris, your sincere letter with the estimates and proposals — the best thanks. We know that not all of our friends, many of whom collect calendars Freedom, like the fact that these calendars we place the product of the modern Belarusian art. But it so happened historically. This is a series there for years, and suddenly change the concept, we believe it would be inappropriate, inconsistent … As for the features of modern art here, Boris, their assessment criteria, its guidelines and principles. And the man brought up on the other samples, probably should just accept the fact that not everyone shares his aesthetic tastes.

With gratitude and offer appeals to us and one other member of the Club of Friends of Liberty — Henry Danylovych of Vileika. He writes:

"It's great that" Freedom "released an album with voice Vasil Bykov. Immediately I heard everything — and popped into the memory that once sounded on the waves of" Freedom. "Now in my house for any reason will be heard the voice of a great man , patriot, son of our zemelku — Belarus.

Now, in my house at any occasion will be heard the voice of a great man, a patriot.

Please remind your listeners often the truth about the Soviet past, as people unfortunately forget the horrors of suffering, poverty. And the youth of today so anything about that time did not know. And resubmit, in my opinion, unnecessary. After all, not everyone can listen to one specific time. And in the conclusion of his letter, I want to thank the American people, because it is thanks to him we can for decades to listen to Radio Liberty, which is the voice of truth "-

— Wrote in a letter to Henry Kuchma of Vileika.

Good point, Mr. Henry. I once looked into the current school textbooks of history, a look that tells the children about the Soviet period. Allegedly, there is mentioned about the political repression and forced collectivization — but casually, in a hurry, on a background of short stories about various "heroic deeds" and "the gigantic building."

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