What did Liabedzka for harvest? ..

Society Listener Tatiana Barrel answer requests from Asipovichy who actually owns the land in Belarus and its subsoil, and on what basis are selling companies that recycle resources.

"I wonder who owns our rivers, forests, land? If we, the people, the people of this land, why not ask us when they are going to sell" Belaruskali "?"

This question is answered Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk:

"In Belarus, lakes and rivers belong to the state only. As for the" Belaruskali ", this state-owned enterprise. Government says it wants to sell it, but to date no action there. Therefore, we can say that all remain in the assets of the Belarusian people.

Lukashenko today may turn into concession may sell to private ownership. It is their orders and decrees can do anything, as he showed with pieces of land in Minsk when their acquired by investors from Asia and Europe. This is according to the laws that exist. But according to democratic practice — I believe that there is any doubt that a critical attitude to these contracts. "

One of the listeners responded to the comments of the UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka about the criticisms of other students on trips to the regions of Alexander Lukashenko.

"Liabedzka commented on the fact that the president travels the country, causes stir farm managers, although some do. Question for Mr. Lebedko and his United Party: what exactly did Lebedko and his party? What kind of help was at harvest? How many acres harvested, transported much? whether anything done for the people? Just post a white-red-white flag — and all the work? Tell me, Comrade Liabedzka that is made by your party for the people? "

Anatoly Lebedko answers this question:

"Dear listener bean confused with peas. We do not encourage stopped going to the regions and to meet with officials. Please! But the point is that no other country in Europe has such a practice: while the president is not flagged does not begin harvesting . did not say a word — do not give out equipment. need professional management. necessary to change the system of governance. This proposal UCP. Prices of agricultural products in Poland is lower than in Belarus and Lithuania, in the same order of magnitude greater range.'s where presidents do not interfere, do not point the finger, what to do, and the performance is better.

As for the rank and file of the party, they are everywhere, including in agriculture. Our representatives were present in parliament, not in the props. The laws that were passed, to a large extent taken on our initiative. The fact that now there is even the remains of the business, it is because we have taken them then, since Lukashenko added nothing, and only worsened the condition of small and medium-sized businesses. Give people the opportunity to vote for us, and we will show what we can do. "

There are calls from listeners criticized the Russian leadership. Climatic situation and fires in Russia attract people's attention. Here is one of such statements:

"Putin is trying to convince ordinary Muscovites that he breathes the same air as they are. Honestly, yes if he was breathing the same air as ordinary Muscovites, without any treatment devices, it would have already been in the morgue! Well and a couple of Dorval to power in Russia! Whole world want to make them fall in love, but they just were not to the taste nor the West, nor the European Union for the fact that they live and rule the country according to the principle of "might is — do not mind!" You listen to Medvedev's initiative — and ears wilt! It seems that in the chair President sits boy dreamer! "

Many students interested in the topic of the presidential election, and they speak about the role of public media, as well as participation in the campaign of the current head of state and representatives of democratic parties.

Here's one view:

"The so-called Russian-speaking Belarusian TV and the newspaper" Sovetskaya Belorussia "- means the odious anti-national propaganda. These daily show and tell that Belarusians — the most stupid and helpless people. Against the backdrop of widespread alleged nullity of governors, milkmaids, who milked the cows, combine that soak bread, states tourist attraction in our region, and everywhere looms dictatorial president.

He gives catching up, teaches you how and what to do, someone to praise someone rudely condemned. Thus hammered into the heads of his erudition and exclusivity that if it does not pereizberem, everything will crash, and all those nyavmeki become extinct like mammoths. "

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