What was tried Larissa Heniyush


Prison coach, in which Larissa and Vanya Heniyush came home, met at the Minsk train station armed guards with dogs. Availability in the prison was not, and the prisoners were sitting in a long latticed car. And if funnels drove into the yard sadly American, recent Czechoslovak citizens he met the warden and witty, he thought, joked: "It is good of you to come for us without a son."

Stretched endlessly long days and nights of imprisonment. During interrogations, the investigators asked Larissa Heniyush questions about life in Prague, the Belarusian Committee of self-help, chairmen of the BNR Vasily Zakharkov andNicholas Abramchik.

One night, she was taken to the office of the then Minister of State Security of the BSSR Lawrence Tsanava. Anyone knowing what the poet lived for eleven years in Prague, Czech wanted to call a translator. To which the answer was: "Do you like the Belarusian ministers should speak Belarusian." Note Tsanava withdrew from him, he pounded his fist on the table, sputtered and demanded to give archives BNR.

In place of evil and squeaky gebist came "kind and cultural." Poet remembered Deputy Tsanava Novik, which is well told in the Belarusian language and recited verses from the book "Hell family members."

The trial was held February 7, 1949. It was closed without a prosecutor and a lawyer. Larissa Heniyush found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in labor camps (same period and receivedJanka Heniyush). The accusation was based on Articles 66 and 76 of the Criminal Code then the Byelorussian SSR. Let's look at the code — which crimes should be punished under Article 66? To quote the language of the original: "Rendering in any way to help that was part of the international bourgeoisie, who, not recognizing the equality of the communist system, coming to replace the capitalist system, is committed to its overthrow" …

Conviction and sentence sounded even the time pointless, since, according to the said Article punishment could come in the form of "deprivation of citizenship of the Byelorussian SSR and those responsible for the expulsion from the USSR." The judge seems to have borrowed from dog eyes when reading out the verdict forcibly imported from abroad defendants, who had never been Soviet citizens.

The court was still refer to the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on May 26, 1947 "On the abolition of the death penalty." There would be no decree — Larissa and Vanya Heniyush could shoot …

In the court case of Larissa Antonovny conserving fatakopiya "Minsk newspaper" from October 25, 1942, where ten poems were published poet. Literary creativity during the occupation also blamed for its. How can you not remember that for licensing under the Germans and Czech newspapers published poet Jaroslav Sayfert, but nobody ever judged for it is not. On the contrary, as time passed, he was awarded — to the delight of all the Czechs — the Nobel Prize.

Throwing at Larissa Heniyush on the court and its cooperation with the newspaper "Morning", which was published during the war in Berlin. I have carefully reviewed all of the rooms of this edition, and I found not a single word approvingly to the Fuhrer signed by Larisa Heniyush, seagulls or the Forest Flowers (the latter two — aliases poet, whom she occasionally enjoyed in the 40s).

For a long time "assistance of the international bourgeoisie" is no longer considered a crime in Belarus. The Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus and close no articles similar to those for which the judge Larisa Heniyush. However, the poet is still not rehabilitated.

For some, it is in today's Belarus — criminal. But for a growing number of Belarusians — the great poet and national hero.

Larissa Heniyush camp shirt. Belarusian museum-library named Skorina in London.

Larissa Heniyush. "Girlfriend, dear friends of May …"
Friend, dear friend May
Unfortunately, our destiny is all.
For the fact that I'm with you that in the ranks,
I share stand gratitude.

Surely, I stand firmly on their feet
in the loneliness of this.
Maybe znizhyvsya ongoing sweep wings,
but my heart was not in captivity.

It is with you, with the fate of his native land,
those days on his father's limits
with the brothers in the battles that lay sheaves …
My heart belongs to the people.



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