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The correspondent of "Hour" has visited the area Mālpils and flew in a plane over the very spot where two weeks ago a local resident discovered the amazing picture suggestive of been here an unidentified flying object. We took pictures with the height from which is particularly visible polegshie ears of rye, forming a geometrically correct image.

"The Hour" has made unique pictures of mysterious circles on the rye field with a bird's eye view

Specialist in the study of paranormal phenomena Yevgeny Sidorov, a hundred times wished he told reporters, where the sign is not clear as appeared on the hillside. After the publication of curious people coming down the shaft to take a look at the "circles". For a couple of days the whole folk formed trails, sometimes drawing irreversibly damaged and skeptical revelers even tried to repeat the line icon — trampling their circles.

So ufologists have decided to use the last opportunity to embrace the whole picture of this enigmatic in its entirety.

The appearance of a giant version of pictograms — set improbable one another: maybe it's a hurricane or a drunken antics of the tractor, or yaunsargov were living in a camp nearby, or … hordes of hedgehogs …

Little "Wilga 35-A» takes to the air … Under our floating blue ribbon Gauja visible Sigulda bobsleigh track, a field with the wind polegshimi cereal … In the side window with holes (put his specially for shooting) wind blows — as if on a motorcycle ride, only the sky.

After seven minutes, breaking the 25 km road, we already circling over "our" field. From above has not yet ripe rye perfectly visible figure, reminiscent of whether the key (to other worlds?), Or unusually shaped antenna.

Thank you volunteers — before we were asked to leave the appearance of the object with another group of curious observation — otherwise the pictures would have turned some heads. Going down below, do a few laps on the icon and quickly clicked cameras. Eugene filmed and grimly joked that there were times when over such "crop circles" in flying vehicles refused engine. Unwittingly begin to listen to the noise of the motor … We land.

We drove up with Eugene and Michael Lukacs, reported in the Center for the Study of anomalous phenomena UFOlats of the discovery, to the hill, which has already seen from above. For some reason, is especially hot …

— Compare, — says Eugene — that's ears, which knocked the wind, and that's — those that perished in the drawing. First slope directly from the base, the second bent in several places, and in the bend like a tan markings. Tractor tracks to be seen, but man could not so deformed ears. I do not advocate immediately find the cause of a mysterious force. But I pointed ears botanists University of Latvia — they shrug, not understanding how this could happen. We are still looking for the truth, and with the help of experts and witnesses of this phenomenon are trying to understand the essence of what happened.

…The next day, after calling the regional representative UFOlats Eugene with a rapid response team was already in place. Scribbled sketch icons, removed the size (radius of the large circle of 20 meters and the length of all the icons — 93 meters), measured the electromagnetic background (he was overpriced and unstable), worked with a metal detector, but found only the wreckage of agricultural machinery.

The nature of this phenomenon in the world is not yet known, but there is a curious foreign movie a few balls of light flying over wheat field, which are shaped like an icon. Eugene inclined to believe that over the field at this point there was a massive release of electromagnetic radiation. His sources could be as powerful linear lightning, and the so-called UFOs, or plasmoid — plasma energy of ball shaped like a famous ball lightning.

Locals walking along the lines of the icons do not believe in UFOs. They say the wind is to blame. It is in these places sometimes such that blows the roof. But who saw that the wind was putting such a beautiful and harmonious figures in the fields?

True, Janis, who lives next door, my opinion.

— This is exactly one top — poluispuganno-poluvostorzhenno he says — have I in my lifetime I do not remember.

Never seen such a recreational pilot and aircraft Igor Ipatov, with whom we went to photograph the icon from a height. UFO seen a circular rainbow seen, and crop circles — no.

Yes, and the other pilot — Maris Ritums, owner of the enterprise, and ride over looking the valley of Gauja — asks for a photo of the "sign of the Cosmos."

— I fly, I see above all — he says enigmatically. — In nature there are so many secrets.

Stories of "correspondence"

Crop circles, so-called icons — has long been known phenomenon. It is reflected in the folklore of many nations of the world from the XVII century. These circles are called devil, witches, apparently assuming that such traces are left after the coven of evil spirits. The icons are found throughout the world — in the fields, grass, sand and even snow. Recently icon found in the suburbs.

In Latvia, this phenomenon also occurred. The last time these circles were discovered in 1999 in Bauskom. Also in July. But they took the form of simple circles. Form malpilsskoy icons unique to our places of their rather complex geometry, although in England and found the following pozamyslovatee.

Where to report a UFO

Witnesses formation malpilsskoy icons, and other unusual events please call for operational messages UFOlats 9493141.


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