Where are you, Hyperborea? Who are your children?

Today among certain professionals and even very popular among the fans are talking and many hours of debate about Hyperborea. Someone arguing about where it was located, and who lived there. Others argue at all — and whether it was or was it just hog-wash, based on dozens of ancient manuscripts found in various parts of the world.

Of course, to be like this disputants is not necessary. Better to just try to systematize the sources and try to find them robust grain.

The first is to install — what is Hyperborea? If we believe the great historian of antiquity, Pliny the Elder, this wonderful region, The climate is different and amazing people. By the way, this region Pliny prefers to call Arctis. There exists a unique social system, in which each man satisfied with life. Oppressed is simply not exist. There was no problems with the production of food — it could be done just joking, because there were green lavish forests, rivers teeming with water, and surprisingly warm climate (near the Arctic!) Allows residents Hyperborea do not build houses, living in forests and just enjoying my life. They did not know war, living in peace and harmony. Day there lasts for six months (polar day?). However, people believe that it is one day, but not the year. And they live incalculably many such days. To get to this land can not be a mere mortal, but Hyperboreans can easily travel to the mainland as well as back, thanks to an amazing device that allows to fly. And to doubt the existence of the land and the people is impossible.

Yes, it is believed Pliny the Elder. In addition, he argued that the greatest heroes of Greece are in fact ordinary Hyperboreans. That's right, Apollo, Hercules, Perseus, and many other heroes, demigods and gods are just wonderful people from Hyperborea. By the way, many Greek chroniclers admitted openly that the culture, art, poetry, music and even the letter Greeks brought exactly inhabitants of Hyperborea.

Of course, there is quite understandable question — how can you live happily without ever engaging in the construction of houses, if there is this mysterious land near the Arctic? There are several versions. First, it is much more mild climate at the time. It is no coincidence the merchants of Novgorod managed to go up to the Taimyr, without experiencing any problems. Indeed, many chronicles created before the fifteenth century, tells of the journey. Today, however, such a trip is doomed to failure — the ship (unless it is a powerful icebreaker) either iced or, if not made in the image of ships coast-dwellers, the most powerful crushed ice.

Also worth remembering the history of exploration in Greenland Vikings. In 982 The king Erik the Red and his men discovered the mainland of North America. But on the way he met and mysterious island, known for its wonderful climate. It grew wild grapes that surprised seasoned warriors to their great taste. Later, even the Vikings settled on this beautiful island, a mild climate that liked them much more than the harsh climate native places. And just as the island is immersed in greenery, it is well named — Green Land. Or Greenland … What can we say about modern Greenland? This is a true ice desert, where there is no place grapes and even less finicky plants. What was it? How fertile region became a desert of ice and snow?

The explanation here may be several. First, it is our planet's climate at the time, could be much more lenient. Or, at least, the climate of the northern hemisphere. This is not possible if we allow the offset of the geographic pole. Second, the Gulf Stream could be much more powerful, so that not only heats the great Greenland, but a large part of the Arctic, creating favorable conditions for living Hyperboreans. Thirdly, some researchers admit the existence of the Hyperboreans technologies that can significantly raise the temperature in the entire northern hemisphere. Yes, it sounds very much plausible. However, if we assume the presence of Hyperborean aircraft (but perhaps not for them, said Pliny the Elder), why not admit the existence of such technology? Whatever it was, but even if only a thousand years ago Greenland was a green land, what were two, three, or five thousand years ago, when the Hyperboreans lived in their lands?

What else is known about Hyperborea? The exact place of its location is unknown. But almost all researchers agree on one thing — it was in the north of modern Russia … Maybe it was the Taimyr, Little Earth, Yamal, or Spitsbergen, Franz Josef Land. And maybe that island on which lived happily ever Hyperboreans, there is simply not there. In places surprisingly active volcanic activity. Even today, on the island of Spitsbergen sometimes recorded tremors amplitude up to 8 points. What there was a few thousand years ago? The answer is unknown. However, even the island of Hyperborea and went under the water, then there is not too fast. At least some of the Hyperboreans was able to survive and find a new home, at least for this and it took a long time. However, about this a little later.

So, we know that the ancient Greeks wrote about Hyperborea and its inhabitants. Well, what do they know Russian, people living in close proximity to this mysterious land? Alas, the chronicles of those times did not survive. Even if they were, the unfavorable climate and many wars securely destroyed all sources. Therefore have to rely on the fact that much more difficult to destroy than parchments or pieces of bark — the legends and myths.

Personally, Lomonosov, is a former boys heard from one of the old White Sea mysterious story of Nicodemus, which later came upon the literary form and recorded.

Group Pomors anglers traveled to the Arctic Sea, coming from Novgorod. Going unusually far, they stumbled upon an unknown island. Of course, the curious people took the opportunity to explore in more detail with the mysterious lands. Since the bank was very steep, they decided to move closer to gather some information. Alas, they were able to see very little. However, the information provided by them, enough to seriously consider. Approached, they heard that, because of the rocks can hear the cries of joy and fun of young people. They also noticed that the island is based on a mysterious light. Moreover, they argued that it was not at all like the sun. It is quite clear that this amazing discovery has sparked more interest in the curious traveler.

Young guy was ordered to climb the mast of the boat, and with it — on top of the cliff to look over the crest. He immediately complied, within seconds once on the top of the mast. However, after throwing a single view of the rock, the young man gave a shout of joy and just jumped over the ridge. Did not understand, pomors decided yet know the reasons for such behavior, and sent a second person on the mast. He repeated the fate of the first. Deciding to still figure out what is seen with their satellites, pomors sent the third, however, to avoid a repetition of his foot firmly tied with a rope. And when he tried to escape over the ridge, its just unceremoniously pulled down. Alas, he had to tell could not. On deck, he was already dead …

It is quite clear that such behavior of the two satellites and the mysterious death of the third scare coast-dwellers. And they are quick to sail away from the terrible place.

What is seen coast-dwellers, not thinking that the two left their companions, and the third died of his inability to follow them? Alas, even the most sophisticated fantasy will not plausible answer to this question. But perhaps pomors accidentally got a glimpse into a tiny corner of a beautiful survivor Hyperborea?

So, what happened to the Hyperboreans after their country perished? By the way, this could occur for various reasons: a global cooling and strong seismic activity, the flood of the island. And then it all happened pretty simple. Hyperboreans were Aryans. At least, that's what they called themselves in all the legends and manuscripts. However, they were called Hyperboreans exclusively European historians and philosophers. Therefore, it is possible that from time immemorial Hyperboreans called themselves Aryans. It is worth to get information from the "Book of Veles", recognized by no means all supporters of the official story (and this is not a reason to start taking the book seriously?). It tells that the Aryans left their land because of a high performance cooling — Ice Age. And they left with amassed places far south. Where to? This question is difficult to answer. Where people of India, have never been very loving and grocery trips, learned that the far north is the land where the day lasts for one hundred days, and then a hundred days the night? Where in the ancient temples of India came Kolovrat, Ingle, thunder god, and other characters, especially the inherent Aryan people?

Yes, contrary to popular opinion in the society, which ascribes svastichnye signs only Germany 30-40's, a lot of these characters were just symbols of the Aryans, who brought them to India. If you read the writings of Roger Roots, you can see that the Aryans brought to India a high culture, art, literature and mathematics in about 1800 BC. They also brought back the caste system. However, at that time it is not shared by the social group of people and nations. Mixing of the Aryans and Indians was strictly forbidden, as the aliens do not want to dissolve much of the many local residents.
However, the Aryans did not want to remain living in India permanently. So after they mitigate climate migrated back north. Here, the entire group was divided. Part of the Aryans went west to find suitable land for a living, creating thus the German people. And the other returned to the native place of dwelling … becoming Slavs.

Yes, today, this version is completely unscientific. Alas, the only source that supports this theory is the "Book of Veles". But still, if you move the museum and look at the patterns on the towel, dresses, shirts and belts, created at least in the early twentieth century, we can see the familiar researchers Aryans Kolovrat svastichnye and other signs. Alas, today these artifacts are in fact priceless, often extracted from the museums and just destroyed. It is believed that svastichny pattern that came to us from thousands of years, is the propaganda of fascism. Well, that's really sad — because these people are destroying the remnants of an entire layer of our culture. We can only hope that in time they come to their senses. And until it does not have time to find and destroy all of these exhibits.

Mikhail Lomonosov and the mysteries of Hyperborea


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