White Gods — the early founders of the Egyptian state

In China, Egypt, Central and South America, in different historical periods and under different names, they suddenly came and just as suddenly disappeared, giving birth to himself in legend. They ruled the tribes and nations, and gave them their knowledge, taught them to cultivate the land and build cities, and then the mysterious white gods left, promising to return when the time comes.

According to one of the legends of the ancient Egyptian state Egypt have created nine white gods. Texts on the walls of ancient pyramids say that the gods have blue or green eyes, and Diodorus of Sicily claimed that the Egyptian goddess of hunting and war Nate was blue-eyed.

These old white-skinned people in South and Central America became the prototype of the Indian myths of Quetzalcoatl, the other light-skinned gods who came from overseas.

In ancient Egyptian chronicles repeatedly mentioned the mysterious nine White Gods, who were the first founders of the ancient Egyptian state. Historical proof is the fact that the very first dynasty of pharaohs, who ruled the kingdom was the first Egyptian belokozhimi.U them had blue eyes and wore them long beards.

Helicopters, tanks, fighters, bombers

Also, the National History Museum in Cairo statues depicting pharaohs and their wives (some III-its millennium BC. E.) Of the 4th dynasty, who had all the signs of the white race.

Menkor Pharaoh and his wife, Hemerernebti II, 4th Dynasty (2575-2467 gg. BC)

Numerous archaeological discoveries that confirm the existence of the mysterious white gods date from the early XX-th century. Small statues and figurines, which show the white bearded gods, were found in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Rahotep Pharaoh and his wife Nofret, 4th Dynasty (2575-2467 gg. BC)

Today in some museums in Europe holds ancient manuscripts with images and references to the mysterious White Gods, who are the founders of the most ancient civilizations of the majority. But for some reason this information is available only to individuals. For all other access to this information is closed.

Egyptian bust of a noble lady of the 4th Dynasty, about 2600 BC

In Central and South America White Gods very honored. They occupied the highest level in the hierarchy in the pantheon of many Central and South America.

Queen Hetop Jerez II, daughter of Khufu, the 4th Dynasty (2575-2467 gg. BC)

The ancient Olmec civilization who were the ancestors of ancient Mesoamerica, was common tradition of their coming to the Gulf Coast, which was formed and their civilization. Legend has it that the ancestors of the Olmec sailed to the Gulf of Mexico on a giant ship from the east. This expedition was headed by the chief, whose name was Uimtoni.

Nofret — the wife of Pharaoh Rahotepa

Simultaneously with the colonists on the ship were whites and sages with long beards. When the boat with immigrants came to the shore, and they began to build his first settlement on the coast, and the wise men left the settlers went to the dense jungle to find people living in this land. Ten years later, white sages came back and announced that they had fulfilled their mission, and then the wise whites boarded the boat and sailed to the east, to where and profits.

Yuuyya (Yuya), Egyptian nobleman 1400 BC, the father of Tia (Tiye), the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III

According to one of the ancient Egyptian legends Egyptian state created nine white gods. The inscriptions on the walls of ancient pyramids say that the gods had blue eyes, and Diodorus of Sicily claimed that the goddess of hunting and war Nate had blue eyes.

It is likely that the ancient Olmec legend of white sage, who appeared on the banks of the Central American Olmec ancestors, is closely linked with the White Gods. Tradition of the Ancient Maya talk about God with a beard in a long white dress to toe. He appeared in the east and has long taught people how to properly work the land, how to build a house, as for the star, as well as writing.

yzhevolosye goddess, from the tomb of Pharaoh Merneptaa (Merneptah)

He taught people to adhere to the laws of justice and kindness, and after he returned to the East, but promised to come back when the time comes. Maya called God with a beard Feathered Serpent or Kukulkanom. Religious cult of Kukulkan, which was established at the Maya adopted the Toltecs and Aztecs, as well as many other Mesoamerican peoples. Toltecs and Aztecs called the White God Quetzalcoatl.

What then are still the mysterious white-skinned missionaries, originated centers of culture and civilization in many parts of the world and in different time period? Most likely, the white gods were Hyperborean Atlanta or that survived the disaster.

Blond companions, from the tomb Dzhehutihopte (Djehutihotpe), Deir el-Bursch, the Middle Kingdom

Or, from time immemorial there a secret order that wants to preserve and pass on the ancient knowledge to revive and re-create the latest civilization of the people who survived the world's disasters and emerging nations again.

There is also a version that, after a certain time after the destruction of Atlantis or the exodus of ancient Hyperborea after the arrival of the Ice Age, the descendants of the lost civilizations have taken the goal to disseminate knowledge lost once. Perhaps some of this knowledge came to backgammon India, China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and then began to spread to other parts of the world. Note that here one after another began to appear the first sources of civilization, which are known from ancient history.

White Gods — the early founders of the Egyptian state

Scientists studying the mystery, turned their attention to an interesting fact — on religious beliefs of ancient Mesoamerican peoples, especially the Toltec and Mayan influenced some aspects that are parallel to the biblical teachings. For example, in New Mexico, U.S. researchers have found some signs of clay, which were made at about the epoch of formation of the Mayan civilization, and contained the top ten Christian commandments!

The most strange and mysterious was the fact that the text was written on the tablets on drevnesemitskom dialect.

Gods of Egypt

Another sensational find was a stone with an inscription carved in Hebrew. This incredible find is dated 1650 BC. In the Indian tribes who lived on the land, where they found an unusual stone, passed around the ancient tradition of "selecting a preacher." Ostensibly he came from the east, healed people, taught crafts and sciences, as well as spread "divine revelation."

White Gods — the early founders of the Egyptian state

These myths about the bearded White Gods of Pocono century occurred on the territory of South America. For example, the supreme deity of the Empire of the Incas believed the White God, whose name was Kon-Tiki Viracocha.

In the city of Cusco, the capital of the Incas, the ancient temple, destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors, there was a giant statue of the White God Viracocha. This statue features a European had in a long robe and sandals, similar to those worn in ancient Rome or Greece. Statue itself strongly impressed leader conquistadors Francisco Pizarro.

This event, he wrote in his memoirs, describing seeing similar images in the paintings of the Spanish and Italian artists. Similar statues have been found in other Inca temples that were dedicated to Viracocha. They had European features, their bodies covered with long, loose robes, all wore sandals. Spanish soldiers thought that the image of St. Bartholomew, which reached Peru and churches, who did the Incas, were also dedicated to this saint.

Confirmation skinned people stay in the South American continent was a godsend during the excavation of a giant ancient necropolis near the peninsula of Paracas in Peru. These findings support the hypothesis that white-skinned people inhabited the Americas as early as the earliest historical times, so far, been denied by official science.

Also in the necropolis were discovered mummies of people who have all the signs of belonging to white-skinned Nordics, which was confirmed by genetic analysis. This very bright people unknown, scientists believe, was in South America long before the Indian tribes. Most of the mummies had direct light brown or red hair and blue or green eyes. Textile, clothing, utensils, tools and other items that were found in the graves were very skillfully made, which indicated that the highest level of culture of the people.

Likely that the white population of America, home to about Paracas Peninsula, or in other places of the continent, has become a way to create a legend of the White Gods, who are known by the names of Kukulkan, the Kon-Tiki Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl. However, the sensational discoveries in the necropolis of the Paracas Peninsula, has not been able to shed light on where and when it arrived the mysterious skinned people in South America. Probably, all the time, and once all the answers will be found …

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