Who is it that will build the Belarusian nuclear power plant?

Company Belarus may refuse to cooperate with Russia to build a nuclear power plant. This was announced on August 13 Alexander Lukashenko. He accused Russia of overcharges as failure to warn, that Belarus has offers from other investors.

Back in May 2008, Belarus has sent the Russian company "ASE", the French company "Areva" and the US-Japanese company "Westinghouse-Toshiba 'invitation to participate in the construction of nuclear power plants. The choice fell on the Russian "ASE", the project "NPP-2006". Why did you choose Russia, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor George Lepine explained as follows:

"Just Russia could give money. And others just will not give money. They deliver exactly the conditions: if the pay, how much to pay. And if the price will rise, they will get the money to pay. Expect that some foreign country will build on terms favorable for Belarus — is unrealistic. favorable terms does not intend to. "

And on August 13, Alexander Lukashenko said he would not rule out the possibility to refuse the services of the Russian side:

"We are under various pretexts — say, let's work out a joint methodology, let it … — that is undignified behave. Therefore, we do not throw it off, there may be other investors. And soon we will decide who will build our nuclear power plant. "

Officials have so far refrained from comment. The press service of the Ministry of Energy said:

"We will not comment yet, but a fortiori comment on the statements of the president. Deputy Minister Mikhail Mikhadyuk today is in a meeting. "

Which countries except Russia are considered as potential builders of the Belarusian nuclear power plant? April 20, in his annual address to the National Assembly, Alexander Lukashenko has recalled China: "If the Russians have cheated with a nuclear power plant, we will go to China … They are building dozens of blocks at home, abroad begin to build. They built us . "

As for China, Professor George Lepine says that the Chinese have built two stations Russian, and there are having problems, failures:

"Talking about, that the Chinese are so simply throw us build — is not serious. They invite others to build a station. Therefore, it is not serious talk. "

Professor Lepine told that the French company "Areva" is building a nuclear reactor for the Finns. And with that the reactor already has serious problems. During construction, doubled its price, and the timing of the shift has already exceeded two years. And whatever country has built, to calculate the exact cost is unrealistic: it is clear only that it will increase.

George Lepine did not rule out that building the Belarusian nuclear power plant will still most likely going to Russia:

"Russia can endure for some time. If you take a loan abroad, they will not be tolerated. They just will achieve repayment of the loan in due time. So I do not think that the Belarusian government will move to attract credit resources from foreign countries."

Reporter: "That is all the same appeal to Russia?"

"Most likely, yes. But Russia, too, is not the same. Loan given time appointed — be kind, return on time."

According to preliminary plans, the commissioning of the first unit of the Belarusian NPP to be held in 2016. The head of state does not exclude that this deadline will not be sustained, and ordered the government "to hold talks with the Russian past: you will build or not?"



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