Why did Lenin died for?




Daria Okunevaya

The legends and myths of ancient Greece, and later Rome, god of sleep Hypnos was given special attention. It was believed that he has the power not only of people but also of the immortal gods. In Moscow, to hypnosis also treated with awe. It is worth remembering, as 10 years ago, the whole country is at a standstill TV, watching Chumakov Kashpirovsky. Newspapers excitedly wrote that intelligence agencies have entire teams of Hypnotists, which can make one look suicide objectionable politician. At the close kitchen Khrushchev retired tearfully told his wife that he had lost all his money in the scam, because it mesmerized. Yes, legends and myths associated with hypnosis, a lot. Perhaps that is why there are so difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality and understand what hypnosis is, what its capabilities and whether hourly our subconscious is exposed. To understand the state of things will help us president of the Moscow School of Hypnosis, the best hypnotist 1992 World Gennady Goncharov.

— So what is hypnosis?

— Varieties of hypnosis many, so come up with a definition for all his hard types. I would say that the essence of hypnosis comes down to human exposure, leading to a change in consciousness and reprogram the brain.

— What are the types of hypnosis?

— There are three main types. The first — medical, more-or-less-studied and well-founded. It comes down to working with the psyche to pull out the deep and complex human solve his mental problems. It uses traditional psychological techniques — dimensional score, a comfortable chair, a metronome, relaxing music, repetitive words. As a result, consciousness falls asleep, and at the forefront subconscious. The second form of hypnosis — self-hypnosis or meditation. The man himself is in a state of altered consciousness, which is experiencing a sense of relaxation and calm. The third form of hypnosis is associated with the suggestion at the level of thought. Here we are dealing with the occult hypnosis. Here the music and words are of secondary importance. The main thing — the power of thought hypnotist. The possibility of such suggestions are unlimited, depending on the gift that man possesses. Because of the suggestion by the words can be prevented by logic. Hypnosis is a mental escape is impossible. Too difficult to distinguish the idea from someone else. It was so mesmerizing I do.

— Do you realize that something can inspire people?

-'s Supernatural person I have known since childhood. My grandmother raised that life dealt sorcery, incantations, and treatment through the laying on of hands. In short, I believe in hypnosis. And now the school has decided to instill the lesson the teacher of physics does not cause me to the board. Focused, began to think about the teacher, and … I immediately called. Then I realized that hypnosis has turned out, but I did something wrong. The next day I tried to mentally associate teacher and my neighbor's party. And to my surprise, it worked. Since then, a physics lesson responsible only honors, but I battered the easiest questions. With age, my chances have increased. I became interested in his talent seriously began to develop a capability to read occult literature.

— In 1992, you were the best hypnotist in the world. How did you do it?

— The Jury I hit that literally changed the age of the person. I have demonstrated their abilities by 30-year-old Japanese, whose body was enmeshed sensors, to eliminate all the indicators. I put him into a deep trance and ordered to present himself a 5-year old child. Japanese child's voice sang songs, played in the sand, and drew a cat on all counts was 5-year-old boy. Then I raised it up to the age of 50 years, and the man started talking about children, and business. Sensors immediately showed that the elderly man in front of us.

But the main thing — I can teach other people to hypnosis.

— But you said that the ability to instill — it is a gift. How is it possible to teach?

— I do not teach any special techniques, I have no postulates and textbooks. Roughly speaking, I inspire my students that they master hypnosis. And they all get. And in our school people are doing serious business — the military doctors, psychologists large businesses, politicians, and businessmen. After the training, students acquire skills suggestions that may be useful to them in their daily lives.

— What is it?

— A simple example. Your corporation wants to sign a contract with a particular company, but her head varies, choosing between you and the other candidates. In this situation, you can easily through hypnosis to convince the director to choose your corporation. My studio can equally well to mentally get my wife to cook your favorite dish and force the boss to sign a million-contract. Also, I am learning to work on feelings. Many women come to us to learn how to instill the love of self. Through hypnosis you can make every night a young man dreamed of only one girl and sex would receive only with her.

— But it is ethical to give your students the power over other people?

— My students can not use hypnosis to the detriment of the community for several reasons. During meditation, consciousness is cleared. If you came to my school with bad thoughts, complexes, resentment, then you will not. First you have to make room for new knowledge and then take the gift.

— And yet somehow scary is …

— Nothing terrible. We are all a little bit hypnotists, and our whole life is filled with a variety of suggestions. The most obvious example — advertising. Virtually all the rollers are used rhythm, words and pictures, peculiar to hypnosis. Elements of hypnosis used in the music video arcade, skills suggestion own all the Moscow dealer. What can I say, all of our politicians, businessmen and pop stars a little hypnotists, otherwise they would not have been able to achieve such phenomenal results. And ordinary people are connected by invisible threads of suggestion. When you are away from the city suddenly, without warning anyone, the number of messages on the answering machine is significantly reduced. People feel that you are not home and call useless.

— I heard that Hitler used hypnosis and even Lenin.

— Hitler sent an expedition to Tibet and the Himalayas in search of the source of unearthly forces. A treasure trove of energy messengers not found, but were brought to Germany the ancient art of managing the masses — hypnosis. As for Lenin, then, when he spoke, semi-literate and apolitical men listened to the tricky question of the leader, with open mouths, and after the rally were willing to give for the life of Vladimir Ilyich. Hypnosis — and nothing else! By the way, you pay attention to the characteristic postures military geniuses? Napoleon folded his hands on his chest, Lenin held on to the edge of the jacket, Hitler put a hand to his heart and pulled forward. Exactly the same gestures used Tibetan monks. Keepers of the ancient mysteries related to the heart chakra, the energy is taken from her and given to students to inspire them with a certain idea.

— Power of words also plays a role in hypnosis?

— Of course. You yourself may have noticed that the word "death" goose bumps go, and when the word "love" in the breast spreads pleasant warmth. Here it is, the hidden meaning of the language used in hypnosis. Timbre, rhythm, pronunciation of sounds, pauses have become elements of hypnosis. No wonder in all fairy tales mentioned spell — the magic combination of words that can move mountains. They say that in Africa there are still culling song. If you sing a lullaby to a sleeping man, he immediately for no apparent reason to die.


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