Why kill? This is very scary

The International Day of homeless animals: "What do you think of what to do with stray animals?" On the question has been answered Grodno passers-by.

According to the latest statistics, for the year are killed in Belarus ("put to sleep") to 70 000 animals. This does not solve the problem, the number of homeless cats and dogs is growing, as well as money that the state allocates for their destruction.

Girl: "It's a pity them, we need to create shelters for homeless animals."

Young people: "We need to advertise in newspapers, on television, so that people who love dogs, took them. Majority, I think about it, just do not know where it is and how to help."

Young people: "I think we should still call a millionaire or a billionaire, which houses and so on, that they have shown at least a little compassion for these animals. Nevertheless dog — it's our closest friends. And so they set aside funds, funded animal shelters that they had a decent life. And newspapers should also write: good people who love dogs and cats, so they took them with him. "

Young people: "Here I was in Europe before, I saw the commercial — shown on television — where you can transfer money to any account, people voluntarily if they need it, transfer money and are building new shelters, improving life …"

Woman: "I think some kind of action needed to have a home where they would hold — Homeless people in big cities. I would fully support it."

An old woman: "What are you, a great sin to kill them, shelters should be established."

Man: "Since ancient times man has tamed animal that has attracted the-dog, a cat, they are the first of his friends. When the government allocates money for the trolley when the grant for the construction of a person, a person should take better care of your brothers that are lower than the mind, but which he delivered, and enjoyment and benefit. Because, no doubt, the care of the state. It should take care to allocate the money. "

Woman: "What to do? I do not know. Of course, killing them — it's cruel. We must focus on how it is done abroad. "

Young woman: "I think it's not a very expensive problem. I think that we and many of those people who regret cats and dogs, happy to give some money to help with something. Should organize more such assistance. I heard on TV that somewhere in Minsk holiday made and collected everything we could. Why kill? It's very scary. "

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