With Zanevsky seen UFOs. Videography eyewitness

January 20, 2012 17:55

Video: Vladimir

At night, the citizens of the parking lot near the "OKeya" on Zanevsky Avenue saw some flying objects.

As the "Fontanka" eyewitness, "was their speed is higher than that of supersonic aircraft. In this case, no noise in the silence of night they were not published. Bright yellow lights, or triangles, which retain their shape, or single objects at an angle of about 30 degrees to about Zanevskaya Avenue moved from south to north. Time for its fixation they almost did not give. Through binoculars consider them also not very possible. Very similar to a jet engine, but where the noise. "

 Puzzling lights watched and reader "Fontanka" Tatiana. "It was about 2 o'clock in the morning — she writes. — My friend and I were at this time on the football field to the front of the school 533 (Zanevsky prospect, 19). And suddenly noticed that the sky flying from south to north strange objects. They looked like big enough star orange. First, they were flown about 20 pieces. They were flying close to each other and really fast. This noise was not any. When they were removed, and the viewing angle slightly changed, as if they disappeared. Then another flew about five, but not the group. In total there were about 25. We have advanced different versions about what it could be. But neither the planes (they may not be so close to each other, absolutely silent and low-flying), or the fireworks (as this all happened in about 5-10 minutes, and the "stars" are not to fade, there were no explosions) is not similar. As we do not believe in UFOs, so very interesting, what was it actually But the sight is spectacular. Particularly struck by the speed. "

"Photos and videos were trying to do, but, unfortunately, the camera phone in the dark did not" see "- said Tatiana. — Photo, which is available on your site, does not reflect the real view of these objects, except that the color And yet, if at night paratroopers landed with large spotlights, then I think they would look that way. "

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