Wolves in Transcarpathia bitten 30 sheep in one attack

Wolves again hostility manifested in Verkhovyna district Transcarpathia. On the outskirts of Intermountain — Tarnica grazing tract, where there was a flock of sheep and goat owners Potochina residential area, the wolves come out of the woods and boldly attacked the sheep

This one here did not recall that so openly aggressive predators attacked the sheep.
Poor old shepherd missed a herd of nearly three dozen animals. Significant harm to people, given the fact that the sheep were not immune to the troubles.
The community needs shooting "techs" forest that every year disturbing peace mountains
And they often become victims, and cows, horses, and even a dog on a leash near the houses. Particularly affected due to an attack of wolves are recently sat Tereblyanskoy Valley.

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