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World armingIn 2009, the military spending With years in the world of 1.53 trillion dollars. This is a 5.9% increase compared to 2008. In general, over the last 10 years have increased the costs of defense by almost half. The global monetary crisis and the economic downturn, as it turns out, not much impact on the modernization of the army and navy. As before, the first place in terms of U.S. military spending, followed by China, and the top five favorites of our homeland.

Stockholm Institute international research problems of the world (SIPRI) published its yearbook — SIPRI Yearbook 2010 on trends in the field of armaments, disarmament and international security in the world.

Swedish experts have estimated that over the past 10 years, military spending in the world grew by almost half. In 2009, they headed for the amount of 1.53 tlrn bucks, it's a 5.9% increase compared to 2008 and by 49% — from 2000.
It is curious that the cash crisis actually affected the embezzlement in the military sphere. Of all the countries for which adequate data are available, in the past year military spending increment of 65.

The most noticeable growth has come from Asia and Oceania — 8.9%. But the title of the country with large military expenditures as previously detained U.S. — their share fell to 54% of the growth of global defense spending. In absolute terms, cost the Yankees the sphere of armaments $ 661 billion dollars.

For the United States followed by China ($ 100 billion), France (63.9 billion), England (58.3 billion) And our homeland (53300000000).
In the top-10, according to SIPRI, are also included Japan (51.8 billion), Germany (45.6 billion), India (36.3 billion), Italy (35.8 billion) And Saudi Arabia (41.3 billion), reports ITAR-TASS.

"Many countries increment in the 2009 municipal spending, which has become one of the methods of increasing demand to combat the recession," — said the managing applets SIPRI on military expenditures Sam Perlo-Freeman.

According to him, the military did not become an conspicuous part of the economic stimulus package, but they have not been cut. Countries have chosen to reduce other articles, finding them less necessary than being wasted on defense.

"The data show that military spending are often lengthy strategic choice of many large and medium-sized powers such as the U.S., China, our motherland, India, and Brazil, and this choice they adhere even in difficult economic times "- explained the expert.
Note that in the collection SIPRI provided sufficiently detailed statistics are not only about military spending, let's stores and on the nuclear arsenals of the global manufacturers of guns, as trends in trade instrument.

By the way, according to SIPRI, Our homeland is not only comes in the top five favorites in terms of defense spending, and occupies the second place after the U.S. market mundane weapons. Shred the United States in global exports for the past 5 years was 30% of — 24%.

In general, over the past 5 years, the growth of international arms transfers amounted to 22%. The favorites in the middle of the recipients guns, as in the case of a build-up of defense spending, turned out to Asia and Oceania.

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