World Cyber War

World Cyber War

Scientific and technical progress has permitted the public lands go to the new high level of self-development. In the world everything is balanced: the life and death, yin and yang, cool and hot, peace and war. So here's technological progress contributed to the creation of cyberspace, in what may be performed bloodless but deadly military action. Computer confrontation in the space of a global network — the web, has been called cyberwar. The actions involved in this war, aimed at destabilizing the work of computer systems and access to the resources of the web of municipal and non-governmental agencies, financial and political centers, business entities, etc. Such actions can serve as a prerequisite for fully onset of chaos, riots, acts of vandalism. At the moment, a group of professionals (or even single) capable of using technical and information resources cause irreparable harm to the military, economic, technological, political and security of any state. Because most of the actions taken by the parties to the cyber war has an impact on interstate business and could lead to political confrontation. In one of the U.S. economic magazine says that cyber war is that of the same region of the war, as well as space, air, sea or land. The fact that Washington is serious about computer warfare, evidenced by the fact that the military unit created U.S. Cyber Command.

Specialists determined the types of cyber attacks inetovskih:
Vandalism — Changes in the content of web pages with the substitution of the starting material for propaganda offensive or disposition;
Propaganda — Using Web resources distributed propaganda materials disposition;
Collect disk imaging — Breaking personal pages to kidnap disk imaging (mostly closed-tempered) or substitute it for lime;
Denial of service — Simultaneous actions from different computers against web site or a particular computer system in order to alter its functioning;
Interference with computer equipment — The impact of the Web through a network of equipment civilian and military mission, resulting in injury;
Attacks on computer resources infrastructure leads to disruption in the operation of the equipment, providing the vital functions of cities, in a communication failure, a failure in the operation of the utilities, transport infrastructure, etc.;
Cyber-terrorism — When using network attacks goes down a nuclear facility or in a massive uncontrolled discharge of a large body of water, the dam of pent-up or disrupted the airport, resulting in planes collide.

All objects of cyber attacks have one thing in common — they work with the software that is exposed to malware (viruses). The result may be comparable to the effects of exposure to weapons.

Although not acquired a large-scale cyber war temper, loss of its conduct are obvious already.

One of the objects of this war was the nuclear power plant in Bushehr. As a result, cyber attacks was damaged reactor nuclear power plant. The global community, concerned about the risk of a probable nuclear catastrophe takes no effort to find out about the real state of Tehran's atomic object. In it the system of nuclear power plant was deliberately listed the virus as a result of Iran's nuclear programm was suspended. It is possible that harmful programm was developed and introduced to the network by the respective nuclear power station U.S. forces or Israel, who are concerned about Iran's nuclear programs from implementation.

Another result of cyber war is the public disclosure of the hidden disk imaging on the page of Wikileaks. Initially, the global community has found the secret information about U.S. military action against Iraq and Afghanistan, and then on the web site was made available diplomatic correspondence. These publications have caused significant harm to the reputation of the United States.

The unexpected appearance in the public domain as a closed disk imaging prompted the United States to conduct a study cyberwar that in 2010 the company completed Bipartisan Policy Center. Artificially creating a massive hacker attack with 230 computers, the experimenters realized that nuclear weapons arsenal and ordinary America vulnerable to cyber attacks. Participants in the training of attack just managed to break the country's energy supply and communications, including mobile. It became clear that cyberwar is a cheap and effective method of disabling at least some object on the ground of the country. And the more advanced technological means at the disposal of the country, even more so it is vulnerable to kibervtorzheniya outside.

U.S. military experts believe that only the military cyberspace is equal to him in strength of opponents. The first in the middle of the enemies named China, which constantly produces cyber attacks on the resources of South American Department of Defense. The second is called Our homeland, which is suspected of South American spices in cyber attacks on Estonia computerized in 2007 (as a result of some number of days was paralyzed Estonian government and commercial entities).

In particular, the Yankees care about the activity with which China has been 10 years worketh inetovskie pressure on the USA network. The aim is to gain access to the documents, the replacement of either stealing them.

Computer systems are also subject to attacks by the United States during the military-political crises. For example, a cyber attack on the South American network occurred in 1999 after the bombing of the Chinese Embassy Yankees, who was in Belgrade. The subsequent cyber attack was cooperated in 2001, after the South American spy plane landing on the Chinese countryside after a collision with a fighter. A month later, hackers Middle Kingdom, its actions are disabled website white houses for three hours.

Has not gone unnoticed Chinese cyber warriors and the Pentagon system. A massive attack on the resources of the Ministry of Defense in 2003, even got its title code — Titan Rain. Washington really understands the strategic threat to the country from the actions of the enemies in cyberspace.

China, as usual, thoroughly approached the issue of the creation of cyber warfare for the soldiers. Across the country, we are searching for professional programmers and hackers. In China, in the selection of appropriate personnel, conducted exercises in the attack and defense of computer networks in the middle of the country's youth. Not surprisingly, that in China there are strong hacker groups that are funded by the military. For example, the Chinese group NCPH made more than 30 programs that use spaces included Microsoft Office — it allows you to enter in viral routines that allow you to remotely control infected computers, copy the necessary documents and send them on the appropriate address. Particularly on account of the transfer of a group of municipal networks several thousand dollars principal documents. And, most of all, China has a hundred square meters of similar groups operating in the interests of their own country's security services.

It's no secret that many military units of different states are planning to conduct not only common, and cyberwar. In this case, the procedure provided for in the act of mandatory both offensive and defensive plan. These online attacks can be kind of "denial of service" or secret military penetration into the network management software can also be used Trojans to intercept the relevant info and creation of chaos in the enemy's networks.

Cyberwar may take the form of a guerri
lla — attack is a small group of highly trained professionals. Significant efficacy cyber attacks due to the fact that the attacks are carried out, and suddenly from nowhere.

The U.S. authorities have begun a new project (Plan X), which allows to make the tools that provide the 'dominance' of the country in cyberspace and to make cyber attacks on the resources of other countries.

In turn, Russian company has found a resource Near East the latest malicious program that can be attributed to kibeoruzhiyu because she had a spy functional and aimed at stealing money disk imaging. New Trojan dubbed Gauss.

And the United States under the pretext of fighting cyberterrorism offers the best hackers to join forces of the planet. Presidential adviser D. Arkilla said first be invited Russian experts at.

Advances in the development and use of advanced cyber technologies bring tremendous value to the entire population of the earth. I would like to believe that the human mind is not allowed to engage the peoples of the world in the cyber war.

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