World threatened by the water war

HThreaten the world "water war"astupilo another hot summer. If the European part of the country in the first days of June remained relatively cool, then came to the Urals real desert heat, comparable to what is worth somewhere in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan. In some areas the temperature reached 35 in the shade. The heat, the sweat and the constant thirst …

Just thinking that this will keep the temperature during the summer, throws into even greater fervor. Was similar at all so long ago, everyone remembered the tragic heat in 2010, when the level of some rivers fell to a low in the history of the mark, killed thousands of hectares of crops, dried up wells, burning forests and entire villages, people died. The situation is straightened evenly, but in summer 2010 clearly shows what can be fraught with today's changing climate patterns of the planet. Three months of extreme heat caused enormous damage to the national economy, without exaggeration, bringing into danger food security of the country — we all remember how much cost the potatoes, buckwheat and oil after a bad harvest. Suffered and Europe, and like to know that was a huge catalyst for today's euro crisis — Net cash prepyadstviya the southern states of the region or the acceleration of global weather configurations and their economic consequences.

Memoirs of weather events of 2010 and the rate at which water evaporates in the Russian rivers and lakes, refreshing during the hot weather, forced to return to the discussion of security problems of the country, the continent and the planet as a whole aqua resources — this hitch gaining new meanings have long been moving from areas of hydrology and geography to geopolitics.

According to CIA estimates of professionals, published in the pages of the publication Alarab online, already in 2040 the world's population will experience an acute shortage drinking water. A prerequisite for this would be not so much climatic configuration (reduced rainfall, increased temperature), but the rampant population growth in vododefitsitnyh regions of the world, which is already characterized by political instability of the last and financial weakness.

During the XX century the world's population has more than tripled, while the global consumption of fresh water — 6 times. Already, the lack of drinking water is very noticeable in South Asia and in almost all the countries of the Arab world, and in most of the so-called Black Africa, the situation is very critical and. Water wars in Africa have long become commonplace. The latest issue of acute acquired rassredotachivanii aquatic resources in the Near East and North Africa. There is a view that the idea of displacement Gaddafi in Libya was largely dictated by the zeal of some countries to gain control not only over its hydrocarbon, and aquatic resources. Libyan Jamahiriya, the disposal of which were vast resources of high quality drinking water, could simply subjugate the entire region by staging it in a real green revolution, both literally and figuratively, turning North Africa if not in the world granary, the self-sufficient in terms of providing high-quality aquatic resources and agricultural products in the region, could have a serious impact on the world the land market. Start of the project aqua Gaddafi suspiciously coincided with the start of the foreign intervention in Libya. As you know, Gaddafi has fallen, and the never-ending war has civilian clothes threw this unfortunate country for decades to reverse, and underground water resources of Libya were in good hands with her "good friends" who probably invented, how to manage them.

If in the arid regions of the world Aqua matter may be referred to the usual (nothing unusual — syzveka desert tribes in conflict among themselves, seeking control of the oases and the sources of drinking water), the so-called water wars become more likely in other parts of the globe. Especially sharply this hitch is already betrothed to above South Asia. In general, the region can not be called dry — with the right rassredotachivanii and optimal use of available resources, there aqua problems, it would seem, should not be. The main problem of the region from the standpoint of the availability of water is not actually a flaw aquatic resources and the availability of water during the entire year (costs monsoon climate). Climatic features, coupled with modern overpopulation of the region, infrastructure, poverty and poor sanitation, provide very sad results, and do not allow for suitable weather. Aqua question continues to push the South Asian giant India with adjoining Pakistan and Bangladesh and maintain tension in this already difficult region.

In report of the Institute of Near East "On the configurations in the geopolitical situation in the Middle East and North Africa", posted in March 2012, refers to the increasing complexity of the geopolitical situation around one of the measured pace of the region — Jordan. A role in this play and hitch rassredotachivaniya aquatic resources, the first is for the main rivers of the country — Jordan and Yarmouk. In addition, Jordan hitherto not settled water conflicts with its neighbors — Turkey, torn civilian opposition of Syria and one of the favorites of the Middle East for the consumption of fresh water by Israel.

All this is just a very general overview of the current situation. Water prepyadstviya is virtually everywhere. In varying degrees, from a lack of drinking Water is suffering and tropical Latin America, and Central Asia, and also a number of arid regions of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. But in our case is not so hopeless, especially if you rely on the fact that proposals for irrigation of cotton land in the desert of Turkmenistan and the diversion of Siberian rivers ago no longer follow …

Thank God, the weather in Siberia promises to the coming days of thunderstorms and a significant drop in temperature. The water in the rivers, in spite of everything pretty — not be gone for now, for sure. Here it is a real treasure of our open spaces, the greatest national treasure — Water is life-giving! Volga and Irtysh, Ob and Kama, Elena and Amur, Yenisei and Angara and Baikal — the majestic fortunate to have such a treasure! And we are all so black gold black gold …

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