Wprost: How Minsk can answer Father's happiness?

Society, writes the Polish edition "Wprost".

On once the picture will be a game in its genre, and belong to the soft porn. Predicting the response of the official Minsk on the Russian film production titled "Father's happiness," the Polish observers do not rule out the possibility that the reaction Belarus' can be "scary."

Polish edition at the beginning of the plot stops for a straightforward new film by Russian director Alexander whose shafts, he is the creator of porn Saakashvili and Tymoshenko.

The head of one of the Belarusian state farms once Luke learns that his farm is expected to visit a foreign delegation. To help guests a real welcome Luke writes from Moscow milkmaids particular model looks. As the newspaper writes, the director promises a lot of spicy scenes against the reality of the state farm. Erotic final "Father's happiness," for example, will take place in the barn.

How to write Polish journalists, "it's frightening to imagine what would be the response of the Belarusian filmmakers. Finally, the head of Russia is Putin-Medvedev duo, personal relationships are not well-known. This opens the door for the followers of the gross very exciting opportunity."

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