Wreath Memory: Vyacheslav baton


He was born in Slutsk. Freedom-loving spirit of the city is involved in the formation of personality irrepressible and indomitable. After the seventh grade, he decided to look at the sea and no money drove to Odessa. He will travel all my life and then put their travel experience based prose. Said a member of Vyacheslav Batons, historian and public figure Oleg Trusov:

"He wrote a lot of interesting novels with good humor Slutsky. Was an optimist, a man of extremely alert, which is not missed in any situation. And so, of course, Belarus will miss ethe man very much. "

Slutsky humor and juicy it stayed there the books "in his native Rodnichki Cry," "Do not cry, my love", "Oh, green dubochek" (1983), "The Brothers holy night" (1986), "Farewell Song" (1989) and in many stories in the pages of the Belarusian periodicals.

Mr clubs could Meet with a camera in hand on all the actions of the democratic public. Starting at 23, a self-taught in "rayonki", he quickly became one of the most famous photographers. This aspect of his talent brought him close to the art photographer George Likhtarovich.

"He had a genuine children's eyes, those eyes, and he stared at the world and makes one wonder to the world of others. And now, when I think of it, tears in his eyes, but at the same time and a smile on his lips because his unsmiling almost impossible to imagine., and he was a good photographer, and what he did with the printing process — it is also a miracle. He actually did it with his own hands, from which refused to large printing companies. "

This work resulted in albums "Bobruisk", "Shults," "grave," "Brest" and a rich archive that almost all of the recent history of the country. And yet — thousands of original makeshift diary, vizytovak, notebooks, cards, decorating the basis of which it was actually revived folk art trills. Multiple winner of international competitions has left thousands of paintings, cut paper with scissors. This aspect of his richly gifted nature manifested in films directed by animator Michael Tumelya.

"For me it was a revelation — meeting with Mr Vyacheslav, because I had not yet begun to do the cycle" Belarusian saying, "almost did not know about vytinanku. If Volodya Tsesler introduced me to him (he countryman batons), then I had a dream that he was the art director on my vytsinankavyh films. And the role of batons in their creation was, in my opinion, the most important, as it has inspired. We hung out in a group most of the time it works. And it's a big loss for the Belarusian culture. "

Farewell to Vyacheslav clubs will be held in Minsk on August 12 from the 10 th to the 12-hours a BPF, after which he will be cremated at the North Cemetery.


Wreath Memory

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