Yak-130 — the best combat training aircraft at «Le Bourget». New Avionics makes for a versatile aircraft flight training

Yak-130 - the best combat training aircraft at
At the international Airshow «Le Bourget 2013» Yak-130 was recognized by the international prototype of the best professional training and military equipment.
One hundred percent digital complex avionics developed and manufactured by the enterprises of Concern «Radio-electronic technology» allows the Yak-130 mimic the properties of the main flight fighters fourth and fifth generations.
This was our reporter told the press service Rosteh.
Double jet combat training aircraft of the latest generation of Yak-130 is designed to educate, increase skills and maintaining flight abilities for fighter pilots fourth and fifth generations.
Yak-130 for enterprises KRET were designed, manufactured and integrated into a single digital avionics systems advanced navigation, flight and combat avionics.
So Makar, the Yak-130 became the first Russian aircraft with no onboard analog devices.
Built complex avionics made within the KRET, Experimental Design Bureau «Electroavtomatika» has an open architecture that simplifies modification due to the installation of new equipment and the introduction of additional software and modules. Unlike trainer aircraft of earlier generations of Yak-130 is not part of the avionics in electromechanical devices.
It introduces the concept of the so-called «glass cockpit», which gives you the opportunity to model information management field booths combat aircraft of different types. This complex consists of — functional panels and all-encompassing management system, mental and LCD indicators collimator.
It is all-encompassing-wire digital control system, made by one of the leading research centers KRET, Metropolitan Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics makes functions of automatic control systems and ensure flight safety.
Provided by a system programming mode allows you to modify the dynamic properties and aerobatic Yak-130 to simulate the flight actually at least some features of modern combat aircraft.
Onboard system simulation modes of combat deployment, built with a complex management tool MSA-130, developed by the Kursk now KRET «Aviaavtomatika» allows for training pilots eliminate the need for real bombs and missiles, while keeping all this realistic display events combat mission. In Kursk, also made emergency operating system for collecting and recording the flight of information.
Implemented in a complex modern avionics system built-in control and signaling simplifies operation and maintenance of aircraft, showing all the necessary data on the state of the motor units and displays a warning and advice on indicators. Installed on board the Yak-130 control system equipment obschesamoletnym EMS-130, which is designed and made in Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Bureau, also included in KRET, is responsible for collecting and displaying the status of all disk imaging systems avionics, sensors and actuators of the aircraft.
Universal aircraft performance properties of the Yak-130, achieved in part due to the aircraft avionics implemented in advanced modern solutions make this machine the best in the world training facility for the development of the newest Russian fighter production.
Concern «Radio-electronic technology» (KRET) — the largest Russian Centre Instrumentation DIC and civilian branches of the industry. Founded in 2009. Comes in the State of Rosteh. Engaged in the development and creation of electronic warfare (EW), avionics (electrical systems for aircraft), IFF systems (GO), instrumentation for various purposes (EA), electronic connectors and cable systems, various household appliances, medical devices. The concern includes 97 organizations located in the countryside 28 subjects of the Russian Federation. Number of employees — more than 60 thousand people. Products supplied holding 60 states.

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