Yegor Gaidar. Cursed Days watch online

Yegor Gaidar.  Cursed Days watch online
It seems that many of the twenties that the Russians do not know enough about Yegor Gaidar. This movie — it is an opportunity after 20 years to realize and appreciate the gravity of the decisions that had to be made in those Gaydar "cursed Days" when the country was at a crossroads. This movie is not only about the Gaidar-reformer, and about Gaidar, man. For the first time viewers will see the widow of Yegor Gaidar — Marianne Strugatsky. The one he called not by another as "my happiness." Frank interview with Marianne, in which she acknowledged that the departure of Gaidar it seems that life is finished, the film crew recorded in the house where his wife lived together long years. His memoirs are divided as mom Gaidar — Ariadne Bazhov and his daughter — Mary. In the movie, also are participating, close friends and associates Gaidar. Film "Yegor Gaidar. Cursed Days "- is an attempt to look at the fate of the Gaidar through the prism of historical upheavals of 90th ….

Historical figures, people of destiny

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