Young people commented on the decree number 60 near the internet clubs

Today Gomel activists "BPF Youth" and "Young Front" distributed leaflets against the decree number 60, according to which the authorities have imposed a total control over the Belarusian national segment of the Internet.

One protesters said, "Freedom", that they were handing out leaflets primarily for computer clubs:

"Young people are particularly outraged by the passage contained in the beginning of the official document. Like, a decree issued "in order to protect the interests of the individual … in the information sphere. " The identity of this campaign at every step, for example, in Internet cafes "put in a box" and another year to keep its files. This is really a "protection."

The leaflets concluded that the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of a country "only on paper". Therefore human rights just "Are fighting for them."


Internet, Decree number 60

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