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It is believed that the first signal on the air was a Hitler speech at the opening of the Berlin Olympics.

Interrogation protocol Hauptsturmfuhrer SS Kurt Shultsmayera the shooting cousin Eva Braun — nobody Fegelein. He tried to escape from Berlin with his pregnant wife in the hope of saving her and her child.

Shultsmayer investigator tells the amazing detail — close to the scene of the shooting of man Hitler watched from the trees, "Tibetan", or "the man in scarlet," one of those that arrived from Lhasa and did not wear a swastika. " And not just watching.

"This," Tibetan ", — says Shultsmayer — guided by what is happening strange little oblong apparatus." SS says the investigator that Reichsführer Himmler I warned him about that "Tibetans", and told him "do not disturb".

— Himmler wanted to see what is happening here in one place — said Shultsmayer.

April 27, 1941. From a letter to his nephew's daughter Helga Goebbels, Rudolf Hess, "Henry! If Dad saw what you shot during a fight! No, we'll have to shoot something different, funny, for example. What a great "Ike" is not snimesh can quietly remove your "tube to the eye …" It would be nice and I did Sahib gift. Then you and I can both shoot and talk. "

What says Helga Goebbels? What is this mysterious "tube to the eye", which can be discreetly removed and with its help to talk? And if it does not look like that "strange little oblong device" that "Tibetan" shot execution-law of Eva Braun? What is it?

A modern mobile phone with a camera eye? Finally, who is this Sahib, which made the children of the leaders of the Third Reich, such mysterious gifts?

In the so-called "blog visits" Reichsführer SS Himmler received eight meetings and leader of expeditions to Tibet Ernst Sheffer, and four meetings with the ambassadors of Lhasa, which were immediately put to work in the Institute of Himmler "Ancestral Heritage" — Ahnenerbe. In the early twentieth century, it is there, from Tibet, German nationalists of secret societies expected to receive assistance in the form of ancient knowledge. This knowledge should illuminate for Germany its sacred path. It was an experiment which was the laboratory for German television.

Officially, it came to light, and immediately made a name for himself in 1935. And in the 36th has made great progress, despite the cumbersome system of mobile television stations. Live broadcasts throughout the country were the stadium rallies, with parades, which played Adolf Hitler.

It is believed that the first signal sent on the air, was the speech of Hitler at the Berlin Olympic Games of the 36th year. But in fact, the first man, whose image was transmitted on the air, was an official of a much smaller caliber … His name Algirdas Hadamovski.

Throughout the world, the situation with the broadcasting time was about the same. Newspapers have ads like: "Look! Look out! On the wave of 56.6 meters will be transmitted image of a living person or a photograph. " It looked like this: on a tiny screen image appears, such a person — a person sitting in front of a movie camera, turned his head from right to left, left to right … Then there are other people, remove and put on glasses …

But even then, in the blurry images unsurpassed master of propaganda Joseph Goebbels managed to see something more. Broadcasting was going at that time from the studio, the first signals were very funny: the picture went on screen, and broadcasting — separately, by radio.

According to the state concept the German woman was not supposed to work. The task of the true Aryan was the household and raising children. For housewives Magda Goebbels invited to arrange for new household laundry combines special room in which to gather 30 people around Telefunken: look, talk, discuss what they see. Magda asked for funds to the Ministry of Propaganda to her husband. Goebbels promised to give money if the committee will strictly follow its installation …

Goebbels: "The superiority of the visual image of the hearing is that the auditory to the visual translated by individual imagination" that "it is impossible to control all the same, each will see his." Therefore, you should "immediately show how necessary that all saw the same thing."

In 1945, among the ruins of the Reich Chancellery were found dozens of boxes of film recordings of television programs. After getting acquainted with their quality, it became clear that the German engineers were literally on the verge of a breakthrough to modern technology.

On some boxes with the film even had a note: "Cable."

Soviet journalists and military interpreters were struck by another unexpected discovery: The Third Reich, which was believed to have been focused only on military technology, has spawned a peaceful industry — news, sports, crime, music, educational television, which does not fit into the plans of militant Nazi leaders.

Goebbels personally demanded a cable system to Telefunken was in every German household. Most likely, the creation of this TV was part of the plan that Hitler's elite tried to implement together with Tibetan monks …

The feeling is that the experiment was a spiritual teacher and began as might be expected — with a spiritual product, and at this stage, teachers and students working smoothly and successfully.

In January 1940, the Tibetan Lamas officially appeared in the office of Goebbels. This is the time Goebbels down on the flow of his ministry directives, one way or another connected with the development of television.

On his orders to increase dramatically and mass television audience. Engineer Walter Brukh instructed the technical plan for device 'national television ", which lays on the table soon Hitler. The document is called "Plan for all German households national television transmitters." And between Berlin and Nuremberg simultaneously begins laying broadband cable television.

Goebbels invites his wife Magda and Margaret Hess resume "organizational attempts" to create "female telekomnat." And even agreed to "dilute" air "artistic fantasies …"

Since 1940, the ministry of propaganda clearly there are two directions in the development of television programs: art and propaganda.

TV on October 26, 1940

12.30. In working noon. The word leader of the Labour Front.

14.00. News.

15.00. Newsreel military victories.

17.00. "They are looking for people's police."

18.30. Word of the Fuhrer.

21.00. News.

21.30. Poems and songs to the words of the Union of German youth.

At 22.00 the broadcast ended with a prayer of the Union of German youth.

Producer group, which included Rudolf Hess, sister and wife of Joseph Goebbels, offered a different television grid. They are half a century ahead of the modern structure of the TV channel for housewives.

[Ad] Blank advertisement (# 1)!

Magda Goebbels, wife of Hitler produced the TV.

8.00. Repeat evening film show "Love Day."

10.00. The meeting with the actors of the film "The Day of Love." Discussion on the topic "A man and a woman."

11.30. Culinary program "Learning to cook together."

Day Broadcast: Music, family and educational program "Reading to children," "Family Mosaic."

19.30. Evening film show. "Atlantis."

21.00. Before bedtime. We read to our children.

21.30. Letters from the front.

22.00. Crime news.

22.30. Family hour. "Mosaic".

Resolution Goebbels: "Luxury! If all this is to sit and watch, what more could a common man? Why work, why fight? There is a whole world at your house! Nice to live in a world of illusions, Genosse, is not it? Your machine rusty, and you are no longer the shooter. "

Case Technology

Joseph Goebbels — "producer" of the German TV — sister of Rudolf Hess and his wife, Margarita Marge: "On the technical side do not worry … We will soon get their hands on these devices! We can show everything! We will create a reality that you need to the German people. — Your task is to teach the Germans to live in it. "

These words clearly that the experiment of the "spiritual center" went up to the second stage — technical. After all, the envoys arrived in Lhasa empty-handed.

Margaret Hess, a letter of December 12, 1948: "It was the spring of the thirty-ninth … Rudolph told me that me and the kids will have a new bodyguard. I call it simply — Sahib.

Sahib delivered to our house strange objects whose appointments I did not know. Here is the "toy" has appeared at the first son … "

The experiment came to a head. The first, theoretical part is almost complete: prototype of a future television industry is already sitting in the minds of developers. The next step — implementing training to master a hitherto unknown equipment, broadcasting equipment supernova that can quickly and easily deploy virtual world of the Germans.

Teleconference Tibet — Berlin

Andrew VASILCHENKO, Ph.D., author:

— One of the results of the expedition was to establish a permanent Schaeffer radio bridge between Lhasa and Berlin. He allowed the constant communication of the Dalai Lama and Hitler.

In a letter from Spandau on August 2, 1972, Rudolf Hess recalled how Hitler shared with him his impressions of the exterior of the Regent of Tibet Kvotuhtu: "… straight steel look", "irony, throbbing in the corners of his mouth …"

Below Hess wrote: "Soon, I myself had the opportunity to verify these inscrutable Oriental shimmering diverse expressions of his face — from the fanatical spirituality to the sweetest of cynicism."

That is contained in these words, if not seen by Hess dynamics? The Fuhrer and his deputy would only via radio evaluate expression changes on the face of regent of Tibet?

It seems that, in addition to radio bridge, Lhasa in 1942 — 1943 years established with the leadership of the Reich and teleconference. However, neither in 1942 nor in 1943 or later to find any trace of the supernova equipment nor Goebbels or Himmler failed. For example, who examined the castle Wewelsburg Americans found "TV room" Himmler. There were only one seat and the usual Telefunken.

But it was Heinrich Himmler found a way to continue Sahib.

"Who is easier to go back to basics? Of course, those who are far away from them … "- says Reichsführer in one of his memos and … offers same-Sahib to recruit new students.

Now it will be … children! For the experiment, Himmler demanded from the leaders of the Reich their children.

Henry, nephew Hess: "… Sahib told me that I could use it to try to restore my historical prapamyat while I was still so young. He offered me to collect a few of my friends, and to bring him to the first lesson. I thought of Helga Goebbels … who else? Maybe Krontsi son Reichsleiter Bormann …

Today is the first lesson …

Sahib us happy. He promises to give me a gift and Helga. "

Twelve — Fourteen children got their hands on the first digital equipment. Portable camera with the possibility of long-distance communication, as in today's mobile phones. Received as a kind of toy-prize, of course, unaware that they have become part of the final experiment.

Helping the Germans to create the future of the television industry, "spiritual center" hoped to accelerate maturation of showers. Teachers intended to "reprogram" the consciousness of the Germans. Help them create a different, virtual world of television, the world of fantasy, art images, music, sports, family values … and the world! Not interfering in the affairs of men, to prevent the evil of these cases — the war!

It seems that that was the essence of the experiment spiritual teachers of mankind.

From the diary of Henry's nephew Rudolf Hess: "We talked a lot with Sahib about the manners and customs of his wonderful country …" A man of your world is doomed to fight for territory. In my world is not fit for a comfortable stay, no one claims — he said — because we are improving not fighting weapon and instrument of knowledge — we expand our consciousness. That's why you and go up to us to find the truth.

After Tibet — a worldwide television tower that receives signals from a higher intelligence — of the Mind, which is in us. "

The experiment was interrupted …


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