19 years of independence

August 25 marked the 19th anniversary of the restoration of the legal independence of Belarus. On this day in 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the Byelorussian SSR gave the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus status of constitutional law.

Thereby, it was announced the Belarusian Constitution and the rule of law over so-calledand "union."

Voting took place at the meeting, which was convened immediately after the defeat of the August coup in Moscow. Under pressure from the parliamentary opposition Belarusian Popular Front, led by Zeno Pazniak majority of the Supreme Council actually voted in favor of the independence of Belarus in law. De facto, Belarus gained independence in December 1991, when the signing of the Belovezhskaya agreements was finalized collapse Soviet Union.

In Belarus, August 25 is celebrated officially in no way, as, for example, in Ukraine this event (the Declaration received the status of constitutional law) celebrated as a national Day of Independence.

Road to Independence in dates

When the country became independent — former Soviet republics

In a joint statement on August 25 were Gregory Kastusyou and Milinkevich "The way to true independence and democracy in Belarus — is the way to a united Europe. Independence of Belarus, the building of democracy and the European direction of development our country — interrelated values, "- said in a statement ..

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