A cloud of dust from the Sahara over the Mediterranean

NASA specialists managed to make a rare shot: a cloud of dust covered the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. Scientists believe that the source of dust — the Sahara Desert.

The greatest desert in the world — Sahara — generates dust storms, which pick up the air flow and transfer around the world. This dust settles in the Mediterranean, Western Europe, and some across the Atlantic.

September 2 NASA got a picture in which can be seen as a dense cloud of dust covers the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. "Cloud cover hundreds of miles. It is so dense, that completely covers the island of Sardinia. Dust also extends to the east and west of the island and close the sky to the south-west of octrova Corsica ", — the report says NASA.

The photograph was taken by the imaging spectroradiometer medium resolution (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, MODIS), installed on the satellite Terra.

For Saharan dust flows through satellite images, scientists are closely watching for a long time. Thus, they found that in recent decades has become more dust. The reason — the plowing of new land.

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