A day in the life of the central office of Gazprom

In early April, I was filming a report from the central office "Gazprom" for their website. The official version is lined with 129 photographs they, and here I will show you a short with his comments.

8:34. Spring is in full swing — April 3, and in the street of zero degrees and a cold breeze. Employees of companies are rushing to their offices through a central checkpoint.

8:55. Near the conference hall constantly copyrights held exhibitions of paintings and other art.

8:57. Workplace engineer conference room.

9:04. This person manages the screen in the lobby. But the most important thing — it's two posters hanging on the wall.

9:17. The company's office — a small city within a city. Here is everything. And below you will see for yourself. In the photo — a reading room of the library of the Institute of Corporate.

9:29. Huge selection of books on the gas (and other) topics.

9:51. At 10 am begins a major meeting.

11:14. In the office of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Vitaly Markelov, who oversees the manufacturing unit. From ten in the morning is a conference with the participation of heads of departments of the Administration of "Gazprom" and the CEOs of subsidiaries. Various current issues are resolved. My attendant, who also participated in the meeting, said that I did not hesitate — go and shoot as you want. For the first time in many years, he felt a little uncomfortable without a costume :)

11:18. Previously, conference calls were conducted by telephone, video conferencing is now replaced them. Connected — Igor Ivanov, General Director of LLC "Gazprom Transgaz Surgut."

11:25. Lunch to one of the lasts only 45 minutes, and always runs on a specific schedule. Therefore the time to dine in the dining room more than two thousand people a day. The food is tasty and checked.

11:31. In addition to the dining room there is a cooking cakes, coffee shop and restaurant. Anything your heart desires.

11:38. Hard at work in the kitchen.

11:54. Bon appetit!

11:57. On the territory of the office has it all: trays of fruit, food and manufactured goods stores. I had a feeling that if you live (and earlier was also a hotel) in the territory, in a big city and you can not get out.

12:06. There is also a flower shop.

12:55. Health center with a park ambulances and first-class dental surgery department. In addition — the center of Eye Microsurgery.

13:28. Hall administrative building. Are shown on a special screen "picture" of the life of "Gazprom".

13:37. The 35th floor of an office building. This is the territory Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller, where he spends most important negotiations and ceremonies.

13:42. The height of 150 meters.

13:45. My reflection in the top of a skyscraper.

14:01. We continue to walk through the building. The pair gas industry meets me in the waiting room of the Department Head of Information Policy of Alexander Bespalov.

14:14. Paulina. It takes practice at lawyers.

14:31. Olga, the deputy chief of operations for printing. You can print any documents and materials, to publish a pamphlet, magazine or book.

14:44. And this is the "heart" of "Gazprom" — control room of the Central Production and Dispatch Department. Control gas flows. Information flock here from all over the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia. The work is in full swing around the clock.

15:31. During my time walking around the building I have seen in a variety of jobs: some — impeccable cleanliness, and some — the creative (and not just a mess :). Someone has a collection of banknotes from different countries, and someone standing pictures of their loved ones. A lot of people, and they are all different.

15:35. Elena, Head of Advertising and Branding, holding a meeting with the head of one of the contractor.

15:53. Employees of the Department of Information Policy and posters implemented their projects. Much has been left out. During the filming broke the glass on the same frame, but it did not spoil the mood of the girls.

16:06. Press Service. It consists of two divisions: working with Russian and foreign media.

16:24. In the department of Internet communications and monitoring of other Internet site of "Gazprom" and media monitoring. In the photo — Vyacheslav, head of the department.

17:04. On the complex there is a fitness center. And after a day's employees have the opportunity to do those sports that they like.

17:08. The very high-rise on Nametkina, built in the mid-90s.

19:02. Gym. The photo — Andrey Savelyev, head of resettlement projects under construction and equipping of HSS branch of OAO "Gazprom". Visitors gym respectfully call him Konstantinych.

19:14. Fitness.

21:32. Time — half past nine pm, but on some floors off the light. We go up to the office of Chairman Alexei Miller. He signed some papers, making notes and assignments for the next day. I ask him to come out into the hallway to make some shots in a less formal setting. He did not once, but agrees. He says that now connects (he calls the known oil company) to the tube and let's go.

21:45. In the corridor, Alexei Miller with his press secretary Sergei Kupriyanov starts a lively conversation about the old maps of the Russian Empire. It seems to me that he was happy to make even a short break from work. How then to Sergei, his boss at work — from early morning to late evening. On this day, he has to 9pm held a crucial meeting.

21:52. And in the office of Sergei Kupriyanov simply no room to swing a cat. All forced books, paintings, various objects. Now, there are even boots.

21:57. Nearly a decade and some of the staff just now leaving work.

22:02. Member of the Management Board, Head of the Department of perspective development of Vlada Rusakova discussing with employees urgent business. Prior to my ears hear the words of the pressure in the pipes, the number of threads and other parameters of the gas pipeline and a compressor station.

22:12. The full version of reportage, please visit Gazprom.

By the end of the shoot I just did soak the "esprit de corps" of a huge company. :)

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