A failed attempt to invade the Earth and

Author: Bert Cork

We have already reported that in late July, the teacher of the Krasnoyarsk State University Yuri Lavbin, returning from an expedition to the Evenki taiga, said that he supposedly found what appeared to be an alien units of a technical device. It happened 500 kilometers from the crash site of the Tunguska meteorite in the border areas with the Irkutsk region. We could not remain indifferent to the sensation and asked her to comment on the Irkutsk scientists …

It must be said that our scientists have shown shamefully little attention to the message of the Krasnoyarsk teacher. All their feedback about the sensation fluctuated in a very narrow range: from "heard something like that — in my opinion, full of garbage" to "do not ask stupid questions." Disregard for the discovery of Yuri Lavbina became clear only after talking with Sergei Yazev, director of the Observatory of Irkutsk State University and member of two expeditions to the crash site Vitimsky car.
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According to various scholars, the explosive power of the Tunguska meteorite was up to 40 million tons of TNT, which is very close to the most powerful thermonuclear explosion ever conducted on Earth. After such an explosion to find anything like a big piece of a meteorite or a UFO is simply impossible. Therefore, reports that in Krasnoyarsk for rapid analysis they dragged 50-pound piece, immediately raises suspicion of serious scientists.
The claim that something was found about five hundred kilometers from the crash site of the Tunguska meteorite that requires a serious argument. The fact that the epicenter of the Tunguska explosion precisely defined. But the first evidence from witnesses of a meteorite in 1908 were obtained after decades of distinguished and highly contradictory. In particular, they do not converge on the question of the direction of flight of the meteorite to the point of explosion — which side and where the meteorite was flying. This gave occasion to unite different ufologists statements and argued that the meteorite before falling changed direction several times, which means that some part could fall, not where to find him.
Stone, which now shows all interested media to the results of the analysis does not prove the existence of the Tunguska UFO, and hope for the positive results of the analysis does not allow the practice.
The fact that George Lavbin already found in 1997, "the remains of extraterrestrial technology" — a lump of strange appearance and composition. Samples were sent for analysis, after which the sensation somehow suspiciously quickly forgotten. Of informal communication scholars with each other then it turned out that the UFO was a pile of industrial slag, which was taken to the trash timber with some factory nearby.
— Lavbin not a scientist, but a person who is seeking confirmation of its originally specified version, and it is not a scientific approach — summed Sergey Yaz.

According to the news agency Utro.ru, Coordinator of Public Research Association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov, also visited the crash site facility, said that the study of this problem it was found that the Tunguska "body" before falling to the Earth makes maneuvers in the sky, not typical of the meteorite.

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