A girl with a watering can


The twenties of the last century were defined in European art and the search for new forms of numerous formal experiments. In fact, it was the search for a new style. New style and was not found for the reason that this phenomenon should be a shared vision of a new world based on shared ideological, spiritual and social causes that affect the aesthetics. Such unity is just not there. European society has demonstrated the phenomenon of increasing entropy and discord in their heads, the clash of different social systems, and (most importantly) the penetration of ideas deadlock marginalism in these systems (fascism, communism, abstraction in art and so on — all of this is the result of an escalation of the marginalism).


Style is not a fact invented the mountain. It is a natural process. The search for a single specified style in pre-war Europe have illustrated only "zaidealyagizatsyyu" art and the overall aesthetics of decay, but at the same time decided yet original artistic achievements, including film and photography (Eisenstein, L. Ryfenshtal, Rodchenko and others) .


Alexander Rodchenko, in practice, the only Soviet photographer, whom the West includes in its comprehension (rather subjective, true) "pantheon" of world photography.


Formal approaches and experiments Rodchenko really interesting, expressing the spirit of the aesthetics of constructivism in photography and a desire to turn over all, put on its head.


It was a talented man, but is associated with a rotten environment Mayakovsky and Brik, which could not affect him. However, on the level of Rodchenko was yet another. He was versatile, a real talent and a man of integrity and, significantly, has created a strong artistic-minded family where appreciated each other, and as an artist and a person to death and after death (in 1956). Strong family to protect it from rot and bohemians, but did not protect the system.


In the 30 years the Communists would not let him turn around.


In photography, Rodchenko most experimenting with perspective and point shooting. Filmed mostly at the top and bottom frames are built diagonally, insults any extension of the form, focusing on the main vision, etc. Often they were real compositional findings and revelations, and sometimes — failure. However, this quest still did not penetrate deeply into the essence of photography and glided over the surface.


Their "Upper-lower" angles Rodchenko explained the task to show the object (the object) from an unexpected source, and thereby force the viewer to a deeper understanding of its essence.


This approach is known, but not universal, and quite controversial in the art, is widely used in advertising and plyakatse (Rodchenko than most did).


Here I offer in our stand-known and beautiful photo of Alexander Rodchenko, which he called "Girl from the" watering can " (Photo 1). In a typical image used for Rodchenko diagonal frame, then the correct placement of the composite slim figure girl in a white dress, but the main mastatskasts and elegance of the picture attached checkered shadow of the upper window coverings or terrace (so we assume), which makes its way through the sunshine and projects the frame to the floor Wall and figure of a girl. Extremely beautiful composition and image.


Photo 1

The second picture is called "pioneers" (Photo 2). The boy's head is removed from the bottom and stick with something like the Chinese Buddha. Then, in the 30s, such images angered Soviet educators. Indeed, there is an interesting, catchy, but a formal decision.


Photo 2

Meanwhile Many years have passed, and now you would think, if the totalitarian communist pioneers was a political tool abalvannvannya children, why zbiralny pioneer image could be similar to the idol? So would glagolyaschy occurred expression thing in itself, and the projection on the ideology.


However, it is now so we argue. I thought Rodchenko, shtampuyuchy the top and bottom of its pioneers, but Rodchenko was also known. I doubt that in his mind he was then the dissidents.


Nevertheless, the talent of the creator often makes the puzzles and such turns, over which it is impossible not to wonder. 1st May 2010, for example, in Minsk, was a communist march group of individuals ("the ghosts of communism," as they say). Among the "ghost" was a boy, probably, the current "pioneer" (atavism, which we have preserved in Russia ).


Since we are going after the photograph of Rodchenko, already lost a little in the direction of the topic piyaneryi, take a look at the photos of this pioneer of the relic, which I provisionally called "Reincarnation" and yakoe was placed on the page radio "Freedom" (Photo 3). (Author unknown picture, since "Freedom", as in other Belarusian pages on the web, the authors photo is usually not known. Unfortunately, this approach.)


Photo 3

I noticed this picture, he immediately turns out to be the same "pioneer" Rodchenko, only filmed from a different perspective. So much for! Indeed, the "reincarnation."


Pioneers — not such a petty issue in the photo. Many shot. Rodchenko approach such as in a shot at the "Freedom". The authors emphasize the generalized form of zbochanay ideology, when a child is involved in an ideological game without realizing it. Grains of this image — "ditsya-ideology" (brainwashing).


Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus also took over the pioneer days of the USSR. This image of a normal boy who fell into the abnormal circumstances of others. He is deeply scared and did not understand what was happening. Grain of the image — a "child-occupation" (violence, coercion).


Offered for comparison see also this photo Sutkus (Photo 4). You can give other examples illustrate, but let us not to turn our essay in a lecture about the Soviet piyaneryyu.


Photo 4

Yet another phenomenon is found pictures: all that is done with talent (even formally, even disproportionately something), you need to save, because the talent. Over time, talent can speak, and we will see what the have not seen before, we can find what they seek. Formal achieve Rodchenko left in the photo, made a positive impact on it.


(Photos "Girl from the" funnel "and" pioneer "," Reincarnation "and" Pioneers "(Sutkus) are well represented in the free web.)




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