A huge oil slick measuring more than 600 square meters found in the Sevastopol bay

20.06 Court Environmental Services Black Sea Fleet eliminate oil spill in the Bay of Sevastopol, working together with the Ukrainian ecologists.

On the north side of Sevastopol, in the Engineering Bay, local residents discovered a huge oil slick, roughly the size of over 600 square meters. Meanwhile, experts have not been able to explain its origin.

Official comments on the origin of the spot of the Azov-Black Sea Ecological Service currently can not give. Is under investigation. At the same time, as reported by Sevastopol prints, residents north saw slick passed by Ukrainian ships berth.

As RIA Novosti on environmental service the Black Sea Fleet in the Bay of Engineering at the Black Sea Fleet source water pollution with oil products were found.

Observer correspondent of RIA Novosti, the Engineering bay on the dock there is a strong smell of diesel fuel, and water — purple.

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