A mysterious crater on the Tselinograd area. 1990




<The picture that accompanies this publication is made in the spring in the fields of Tselinograd ptitseobedineniya (omitted because of poor quality. — MG) Machine-treated field, when suddenly one of the tractor appeared before the funnel is quite impressive diameter and solid depth. In place of the chief agronomist came Vasily Alekseyenko. It has been recorded that this is not a simple failure of the soil, as if a huge glass of selected land. Boca funnel were smooth, already after the ground began to crumble and the bottom of the water appeared. Summoned experts from Karaganda engaged in space. They testified that their objects after returning from space do not leave such traces on the ground. Dosimetrists of civil defense have not found excess levels of radiation.

At that everything calmed down. We decided not to reopen the curiosity (and a funnel, as you can see, just off the road) in order to avoid any hassles her to fall asleep quickly.

Why do we see in this phenomenon a definite sign? Yes, because it may be related to an event that took place at dawn on June 22, when somewhere in the 4:00 Tselinograd swept over UFOs. Incidentally, in this time zone flights have dozens of different planes, which, as is known, maintains a constant radio. The next morning we listened to all the recorded conversations. Here are the commanders of the two sides of the conversation: the Tu-134 number 65081, which was located at an altitude of 9600 m, and the aircraft Yak-42 number 42340, which was located at an altitude of 8000 m

— To our right a purpose lights. You can not see it? Locators do not take it.

— We also see on the right. I am convinced it was a UFO natural. As a bright star in the halo, in white, and quiet running. And the rays go zigzags. They go down. You see — four beams.

— Here it goes from left to right and crossed our course from west to east.

Alexander Bayzhegitovich Bekmurzin personally watched about five minutes of UFOs in the sky. By the way, he claims, and before that pilots often had to meet with the various aliens. But earlier it was not recommended to talk about it a lot, because any space research to a certain extent considered confidential. UFO, which led the conversation pilots were soon noticed and in Pavlodar, and in Barnaul. But according to retired from the farm <Sophia> Alexei Stepanovich Lyaschenko, the object appeared a few days earlier. One day he came out of the house at midnight to smoke, when I saw in the sky at a height of about 6 km. a huge ball that emits all the colors of the rainbow. It hovered near Minovki.

The colors were changing all the spectra. Lyaschenko called out of the house and the daughter-in-law had smoked three cigarettes. After hovering object abruptly went back to the side Tselinograd. According to Alexei Stepanovich, this phenomenon is also observed and Ivan BELOZEROV with his family. (M. Zolotarevskiy. In space or from space? — <Call> Tselinograd, November 15, 1990)

Apparently <UFO>, which saw the pilots on June 22, was another running (it was observed almost throughout Kazakhstan) and is unlikely to have anything to do mysterious crater.

Ufonavigator # 06 / June 2004

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