A new species of mites appeared in the Novosibirsk region

Familiar to Novosibirsk region taiga tick Ixodes displaced bloodsucker, which occurs mainly in the south of Siberia.

Epidemiologists are not seriously concerned about the activity of the new species to the region mites. The fact that a new species, in contrast to the taiga tick is not picky about the climate, for example, is not as sensitive to heat. In addition, it is practically not afraid of drugs insect repellent, so aerosols from it will not help, says "KP in Novosibirsk."

"Most of these mites bite birds. And birds, in contrast to the declining number of rodents, we have plenty, why ticks are becoming more and more"? explained the director of the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Viktor Foolov.

Ticks are considered the source of the same diseases as the taiga — borreliosis and encephalitis. Protect themselves from disease can proven way — to deliver the vaccine. Although experts do not exclude that in the future may require a new vaccine against this type of mite.

The beginning of their activity is largely due to the fact, what the weather will be in the spring. "First bloodsuckers usually appear with the thaw," — said the deputy chief of surveillance region Tamara Ufimtseva.

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