A new weapon of mass destruction

A new weapon of mass destructionAmerican scientists have developed a trap for flies that could kill up to 40,000 insects a single dose of the insecticide

American scientists, supported by the Ministry of Defense, developed a super weapon against pesky insects. According to the inventors, the new trap with a single dose of an insecticide can kill tens of thousands Flies.

The development of new weapons specialists from the Institute Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida took up order DARPA projects. The military is concerned that in the period of combat soldiers to deliver a lot of trouble carriers of dangerous diseases in a variety of flies on the battlefield after the battle. "You are not even able to talk to someone, because the flies swarm so thick that is open his mouth, like a fly is already there," — explained the problem, one of the study's authors, Professor of Entomology, Phil Koehler.

Received financial support of the military department, the researchers set to work, and soon presented customers with the finished product — a device called the Florida Fly-Baiter. Innovative trap is a blue triangle with longitudinal stripes of black. It became clear in the course of the study, this color combination is the best bait for the flies.

Except color bait in a trap used protein flavors, particularly appetizing for flies, reports Newsdaily.com. Stripes on the body strong insecticidal traps copy cracked concrete, which, as we are assured, scientists, these insects like to hide. Climbing into a crevasse, the fly instantly dies and falls into a container inside the trap.

The principal difference from the usual trap device — its high efficiency. According to the developer, Florida Fly-Baiter can destroy about 96% of the flies that are in the affected area. These data were obtained in field trials conducted in Iraq, Afghanistan and Greece. At the end of the test, one trap with a single dose of the insecticide was capable of destroying up to 40 thousand flies within a month.

It said to the other benefits of innovative devices: it does not lose its properties as the number of dead insects. In addition, the traps can be cleaned, and the poisonous strips — to replace, as well as their number vary depending on the concentration of flies in the area.

Scientists claim that their invention will be useful not only for the military, but also for civil services — for example, for the rescuers and humanitarian organizations working in areas affected by natural disasters. Finally, use the wonder drug will soon be able and ordinary people. It is assumed that the price of the device on the market will not exceed $ 10.

Raisa Osadchikh

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